Steel's Hammer

    Object » Steel's Hammer appears in 100 issues.

    Built by John Henry Irons, this hi-tech hammer serves as his go-to weapon when fighting crime as Steel.

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    The favorite weapon of John Henry Irons, Steel's hammer is usually a sledgehammer that Iron uses as offensive weapon. Inspired by the legend of John Henry, the hammer mimics the worker's tool.

    There have been several hammers developed, with a new one usually made to accompany a new suit. The first one was a simple weapon with retractile hand-grip and magnetically attached to his back.

    A more advanced and versatile version of the hammer was created upon John's decision to move to Washington D.C. After that, a kinetic hammer with the ability to increase its kinetic energy the farther it is thrown was built. At a distance up to 20 yards, it can stop a car, at 30 yards a truck, at 60 yards a tank, and at distances greater than 60 yards, it can generate enough force to rival blows from Superman. The hammer also had a programmable flight, could be controlled by voice and have several sensors and electromagnetic applications.

    Post Flashpoint

    After the Flashpoint Reboot, Steel sledgehammer was attached to his armor via cable, implying than most of their technological advanced abilities had been retained. In later appearances, the connection has been eliminated. Currently, John uses a new hammer with no known modifications.


    • Inertial Damage Field:
    • Programmable Flight:
    • Voice Controlled:
    • Electromagnetic Sensors:
    • Electromagnetism:

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