What would a Steel comic be like?

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I believe Steel can hold a book in today's market (does that make me naïve? I don't care.). If, by some miracle, we do see another series based on Steel, here are some things I would like to see:

  • First, and foremost, take him out of Metropolis. I absolutely despise the character as a 'backup' for Superman. That would be like the same thing as Batwing, a comic in which Batman appears in every other issue.
  • Secondly (and YES, THIS DOES SORT OF CONTRADICT MY FIRST REQUEST), I would like to see many variations of of the Steel Armor, including the 'S' shield one. Why? Because wearing that S is a privilege that only a few earn, and I'm glad that Steel is one of those few.
  • I must see Natasha Irons. I loved 'Tasha back then. I would like her to be a backup for him in the hero field, as well as out of costume. I want them to definitively characterize Natasha, probably by delving into both hers, and uncle John's pasts, and give her powers unrelated to Steel's, so as to make the book more engaging (no Vaporlock either, and no electric powers).

My only reasons for griping about a Steel comic (and yes, this age-old subject will annoy some people) are because not only is Batwing the sole Black character with his own title (that I am surprised to read that some people want cancelled already, I assume in favor of a Tim Drake book), but also because Batwing is stuck in the shadow of the Bat. It seems as if DC's editorial staff feel like if Batman ain't in it, it won't sell. OR, maybe they feel that Batman needs to be in as many books as possible (hence, of all things, a TALON book in the third wave). I mean, I'm surprised at this point Batman, with all his Batman-ness, hasn't found a way yet to just find pandora, and just kick her in the face, and watch over all the events of all the 52 books simultaneously, and just appear from time to time.

Holy cow! That was me rambling again.

Anyway, science is one of my favorite things, and I love to see that incorporated into comics. It is sad what happened to Static, who was keen on science, and Mr. Terrific, who is the third smartest DC character (behind 1. Luthor, and 2. Palmer....my guess lol). I would also not mind an Atom book with some science. Steel is an engineer, so I don't know what a comic like his would look like, but I am still hopeful that he will get an ongoing someday, and not just some mini they have so they can throw him away for like 3 years.

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I'd definitely read a Steel comic if it was quality.

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I doubt it would sell very well so I dont think it will happen.

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Well, I see John as a nicer version of Tony Stark, so DC should take the opportunity to turn him into their "Iron Man" I could see John, with Natasha as his sidekick, having all kinds of fun sci-fi themed adventures.

Personally, I would love to see more diversity in comics, the DC universe has a plethora of diverse characters, they just don't use them because they assume they won't sell. Static's book was bad because editorial ripped it to pieces, not because he's Black.

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@Duke_Nasty: So much negativity around the internet. Nobody is clairvoyant. I'd like to keep my head up, and be open-minded.

@GundamHeavyarms: Aw, man. Such a comment as yours is something I have been waiting to read on this website for a while. It annoys me to no bounds that DC has tried minimally, and has practically given up after three simultaneous tries. Two of them were written poorly, so why not appoint new writers like they have been doing with other books? Well, that is just one of the many questions I have for DC comics.

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@Twentyfive: This is going to sound a little odd, but I often compare diverse characters and their usage by DC to bug type pokemon. I was a gamer (and still am) before I got into comics so sometimes thats where my train of thought goes.

Bug types got no love until the fifth gen games (Black, White, and respective sequels) unless your name was Scizor or Heracross (Scizor was one of the first steel types and had one type weakness, which made him very useful in competitive play, Heracross has a unique typing,(bug/fighting) but he is not popular today because of newer sweepers like lucario and infernape) It wasn't until the fourth gen that we saw new bug moves like bug buzz and X-Scissor, then in 5th gen we got new more powerful bug types like Galvantula, Volcarona, Durant, Crustle, and the legendary bug type Genesect. Game Freak made them very prolific and very useful.

DC might do the same, except we fans have to demand it, and expect quality work. Any character can be interesting if written well. There's a reason why Animal Man is one of their best selling titles.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, Batman is DC's Charizard, they both get way too much hype.

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