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If there was a remake of the film what would you want do with it? I know the first thing I would focus on is the suit! XD

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IMO, you can't really do a proper Steel film without having Superman's presence in one form or another. I mean Supes' the one that inspired him in the first place. With DC/WB's upcoming Man of Steel & Justice League films, a Steel reboot would be very nice if done with some care, especially if it could tie-in slightly with the Man of Steel; maybe a cameo by Henry Cavill as Superman, that is if the film's a success.

As for his armor, he's got to have the "S on his Chest"; he's also got to have his hammer but modified abit; his other armaments aswell; his helmet, however is another story. In the comics his helmet has always had a "human-like" face, which is fine for the comics, but not the big screen. I'd say they should take some cues from the Iron Man films, and give him a tech-inspired helmet but still retain the Steel trademark.

Suggested actors: Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Terry Crews, Derek Luke, Kevin Grevioux, etc.

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