Steel Vengeance

    Character » Steel Vengeance appears in 6 issues.

    Steel Vengeance is the sister of Steel Wind that gave up her soul to attain her powers.

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    Steel Vengeance is the sister of Steel Wind. She gave up her soul to Centurious to revive Steel Wind and in return lost her soul and was made into a cyborg, gaining new powers and abilities. Steel Vengeance makes her presence known when she kidnaps a hitchhiker on a back road in Montana and kills him with her retractable wrist blade.


    Steel Vengeance was created by Howard Mackie and Adam Kubert, first appearing in Spirits of Vengeance #2 in September 1992.

    Major Story Arcs

    Steel Vengeance receives a phone call from Reverend Styge and informs her that her services are needed to eliminate Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze. This was the opportunity she was seeking, to seek vengeance for her sister. Steel Vengeance stands on her bike as she overlooks the Quentin Carnival and then she strikes with two rockets from her motorcycle. Steel Vengeance enters the carnival grounds with guns blazing and Blaze confuses her with Steel Wind. Blaze confronts Steel Vengeance while Ghost Rider is slumped on the ground because he fell into some sort of demonic coma. Blaze is taken down by Steel Vengeance and the cybernetic beauty comes after Ghost Rider. She picks up Ghost Rider's lifeless body and blames him for the pain she has put her and Steel Wind through because of the demon he has allied himself with, Zarathos. Steel Vengeance begins to pummel Ghost Rider but he does not fight back. She tosses Ghost Rider through a trailer window and starts to wreak havoc all over the carnival. Steel Vengeance is confronted by members of the carnival and Wolf knocks her through a table with an acrobatic kick. Blaze gets on top of Steel Vengeance and puts a blade to her throat. Steel Vengeance tells Blaze that his friends and family are not safe and that her master will make them suffer. Steel Vengeance punches Blaze off her and three claws pop out of her right hand. Suddenly Ghost Rider appears on his bike and Steel Vengeance jams her blades into his left hand. Ghost Rider uses his penance stare on Steel Vengeance but she feels no pain since she has no soul. A chase ensues and Steel Vengeance plummets off a cliff and her bike explodes when it hits the ground.


    Sometime later, Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider return to the Carnival with Deathwatch, Hag and Troll as captives. Blaze had a sense that the Carnival was in trouble and his psychic friend, Clara Menninger had a vision that death was coming and evil forces were upon them before she passes out. Steel Vengeance apparently survived the fall off the cliff and returned with her sister Steel Wind and her master's Stygian Horde. However, Mephisto appears and teleports Blaze and Ghost Rider away, so Steel Vengeance, Steel Wind and the rest of the demon horde retreat back to their master. Her failure is met with excruciating pain and finally death for not following orders and losing control of the Stygian Demons. Centurious kills her with a magic blast and tells Carver to do something with her remains.

    Powers & Abilities

    Steel Vengeance had similar powers and abilities to her sister, Steel Wind. Her limbs were composed of cybernetic parts which enhanced her strength and durability. A single, retractable blade could pop out of her left wrist and three claws also popped out of her right hand. Her motorcycle was also equipped with weapons including a rocket launcher and automatic machine gun.


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