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Well, that was something...

It's been a chaotic few months for me, but I decided it was time to catch up in my reivews because I have at least 4 maybe more issues to review...

The Story: Good and Bad

I won't lie: I didn't really like this particular story. This series is titled Steed and Mrs. Peel, because of legal contrants with the name "Avengers" (which was the name of the tv show this comic is based on). What I assumed was we see more adventures of John Steed and Emma Peel. Instead, in this issue, we see an adventure starring NOT steed, but Emma's long lost Husband, Peter Peel.

That being said, the relationship between the Peels is fun and at times I see glimmers of the show's humor. The story of how Mr. Peel returned is interesting. On the show, we don't get to see Mr. Peel until one final episode with Emma Peel when he returns from the jungle. Here, we get to see what happened to him while he was gone and also sees what happens to the Peels when he returns. It's a nice story, even if I would prefer a regular Avengers story (NOTE: when I say "avengers" I mean the 60's tv show which should be seen by all who like spy action, comedies).

The Art: Good and Bad

The art is something reads may have trouble adjusting to, because it changes so much. There is no denying Ian Gibson is a talented and possess the gift of different styles. The comic itself begins with a style similar to what you might see on a mayan temple or something like that with it's flat colorful style.Then it switches to the style used throughout this six part series.

Some people might find Gibson's style a little confusing, but it does have a whimsical quality that sort of fits the Avengers. I won't lie and say I absolutely love it, but i have grown used to it. I don't know what others would think of the art work though...


This issue has it's drawbacks, but the story itself is one which entertaining to a point. The art is unique enough that it might be the real highlight of the issue.


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Nice review. Kinda missed these.

I like Gibsons art.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I missed them too...

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