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We're definitely onto something, Mrs. Peel

Its really cool to read the name John Steed and Emma Peel again...

The Good

I liked the old tv series "The Avengers" ever since I first watched it several years ago. Its a spy series mixed with lots of witty humor and a whimsical nature. Grant Morrison sort of grasps some of that same whimsey in this comic book series. There are some fun scenes involving games in this series which is quite interesting. I also love the action bits. They are clever and a good use of Steed's umbrella.

The art is very colorful and Ian Gibson gave the characters some resembling qualities with their original actors, which is cool. Its also a different style than you usually see, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that this is different and that is The Avengers for ya'. Different.

The Bad

This is a cool series and I love that they gave me a chance to read read it. All the same, I'm not 100% sure what other people would think of this if they have not seen the show. See, I feel that this series alienates people who have no idea who John Steed or Emma Peel are. This is really in my opinion a fan series. Would someone who did not see the series read this comic? My guess is no. I mean, look at the plot summary! Almost all of it is devoted to taking the reader down memory lane.

If I was writing this series I would do something to help new readers get to know the characters before plopping them down into an adventure. I realize as this was published in the 90s it would have better chance of readers remembering The Avengers on tv, but even still it needs a little something of...I don't know what, but it needs something to really catch new readers.

The Verdict

This is a cool series for fans of the original 60s spy series. I do hope that new readers pick this up and enjoy it, so that another generation may get to know these wonderful funny characters. I like this series and it is always a joy to see that bowler hat and umbrella again.

To steal Silkcuts' sign off: Cheers!
To steal Silkcuts' sign off: Cheers!

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