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Stecky was a young woman enjoying her night out in the Limelight nightclub. Rictor attended the same club, dragging along Shatterstar. The latter found himself unable to fit in and was soon lost in his own thoughts. In this state, the extradimensional warrior bumped into Stecky and spilled her drink on the floor. She turned around to complain. But then took in Shatterstar's good looks. Her expression instantly turned into a smile.

Stecky demanded a dance from the man in an assertive way. Either that or she would have to eat him alive in front of the crowd. They danced for a while. Then Stecky felt that introductions were in order. While exchanging names, she started rubbing her fingers across his suit. Shatterstar got very nervous. Then run away, much to her annoyance.

Rictor was soon able to locate Shatterstar, who had to explain his problem with the situation. He was bio-engineered to simulate humans. But this was the first time in his life that he felt attracted to a woman or anyone else. The emotions were foreign to him, unfamiliar and terrifying.

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