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    Static was a comic produced by milestone under DC and followed an African-American teen named Virgil Ovid Hawkins otherwise known as Static. The comic follows Virgil as he tries to overcome teenage problems and facing the bang babies that threaten Dakota. Virgil himself is a bang baby and like all others he was created from the incident known as the big bang which was later revealed to be orchestrated by a higher power. Static eventually partners up with a girl named Dusk who has a darker way to handle criminals, but when she is eventually shot she leaves Dakota. Personal problems Virgil faces through the series are being rejected by his best friend, his girlfriend moving, discovering one of his friends is gay, and losing a friend who is revealed to be a drug dealer. The comic was canceled along with all other Milestone comics in 1997.

    The issues are grouped like this:

    • #01-04: Trial By Fire
    • Louder than a bomb: 5-7
    • Shadow War: issue 8 (story arc grouped with other Milestone comics: Hardware, Xombi, Icon, and Blood Syndicate)
    • Escort etiquette for guyz: 9-13
    • World's Collide: 14 (crossover between DC comics and Milestone)
    • What are little boys made of: 15-20
    • (issues 21-24 have individual titles)
    • 21: At the movies guess staring Blood Syndicate
    • 22-24 are all at the same hospital and lead into each other
    • 22: Dogged Pursuit
    • 23: Reigning Rats and dogs
    • 24: Tattletale hearts
    • Long hot Summer: 25-27
    • Larry's secret revealed: 28-30
    • 31: Cape Fear
    • Static faces The Swarm: 32-33
    • single issues
    • 34: Blame it on Picasso
    • 35: Grounded
    • 36: An unearthly child
    • 37: Window of time
    • 38: Sharon love Static
    • 39: Half a pint will do it
    • 40: Boys Night out
    • Love Bites: 41-45

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