Where to start with this...?

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#1 Posted by Death Certificate (5720 posts) - - Show Bio

Do I have look at the milestone comic's first before I can get into static ?

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#2 Posted by RedK (2541 posts) - - Show Bio

no, if you just want to read his appearances in titans i'd suggest terror titans thats it or pick up rebirth of the cool, and i doubt that you's be able to find any of the milestone comics, i had to search the net and even then i could only find downloads for it

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#3 Posted by Static Shock (52284 posts) - - Show Bio

I suggest reading his solo series first to get an understanding of his capabilities.

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#4 Posted by mark5 (1220 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotta say i tried reading the book, its too...boring. Or idk, just not my type. I got up to #7. Writing isn't too good. 

My two cents.
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#5 Posted by Midnight Monk (226 posts) - - Show Bio

Could just watch his cartoon, basically how he became so popular lol

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