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Let me just say right off the bat that I am not one of those people who believe that making a character more powerful makes them more interesting or give them depth. However just for the sake of taking about it I wanted to make this thread.

Ebon was easily a contender for the big bad of Static Shock. He usually had the biggest plans, even if he wasn't successful. Also he figured out Static's identity, even if he was fooled by bogus camera feed, he was still initially right. Not to mention, he was ominous as all hell.

So if Ebon was to have upgrades on his powers, what would you suggest he be given? Since he has a weakness to focused, bright light hitting him, I though it'd be interesting if Ebon became capable of absorbing light into his body to nullify this, since he is basically a living shadow.

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@blackwind: Maybe if he could like fully transform not like what he did with Rubberbandman. Also if they could elaborate on his teleportation like when Static and Gear got teleported to a volcano

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Maybe instead of absorb light he can absorb everything. Can be more powerful in the dark. can control others.

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Static just needs to return.

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Static does need to return.

Ebon has great potential as an arch/anti enemy.

Static should join the Titans(I really want him and Reyes together). But they could also do what the Runaways episode hinted at. Runaways. Longshadow giant construct. Edurado teleportaion. Sam should get her Ultimen wind powers instead.

Bit nevertheless Static should just be street level at his age with great potential on the rise. He's on possession of one the four fundamental principles of reality.

The Big Bang(I don't like Bangbabies..DC has metas for a word.) gives him a great slew of rogues. Between that(some powers are extremely great and some people who recieved them are masterminds), being a teen and his run ins with the rest o f the universe..Static and Dakota City(I hate that ficitionao cities are being underutilized) has alot on their plate.

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I think looking at the way Black beards powers from One Piece work should serve as inspiration for how Ebon can be upgraded.

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