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    Static was an Acolyte who joined Cortez on his attack on the X-Men, and later fought against Acolytes loyal to Magneto.

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    Static was one of the Acolytes who fought the X-Men when they were discovered by Xavier. During the battle she stayed close to Cortez, and used her powers on Gambit and Storm, but Cortez had her use her powers on Xavier instead. After the Acolytes were defeated, they asked to stay with the X-Men, but Xavier refused. Static left with her fellow Acolytes.

    Static was later seen as one of the rebel Acolytes and fought against the Acolytes loyal to Magneto. Scanner was surprised when Static's energy blast affected her while in her intangible energy form. When the rebels were defeated, Static was never seen again, though she was listed as one of the many mutant killed in Cassandra Nova's Sentinel attack on Genosha.


    She is part of the many Genoshan revived by Eli Bard in an effort to make Selene a goddess. Her fate after Selene's defeat is unknown.


    Static is able to generate neurosynaptic energy blasts that temporarily disable the autonomic brain functions of other living beings, including superhuman powers that require conscious will to activate.


    Static was created by Fabian Nicieza, Alan Davis w/ Lee Weeks in 1999 and first appeared in The Magneto War


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