Static Shock #8

    Static Shock » Static Shock #8 - Harsh Truths released by DC Comics on June 2012.

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    Static has faced some of the most merciless and deadly villains that both New York City and Dakota City have to offer, but now he finds himself face-to-face with a woman who holds his future in her hands and has the power to destroy it: the school psychologist! In one conversation that covers his new life in NYC and the life he left behind, we'll get new insights into what makes Virgil Hawkins tick. And maybe Virgil hasn't been as careful at hiding his secret identity as he thought.
    Note: Apart from Static, all characters tagged appear in flashback only.


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    "And who is Virgil Hawkins today?" 0

    Synopsis: Static's final confrontation? The school psychologist.One of the greatest strengths that worked with the Static series as a whole in both in the Milestone comics and in the tv show, was he connected to readers. Any present topic like drugs, suicide, or teen sex could work to Static advantage or disadvantage depending on how the material is written. For example, this issue tackles a little bit on bullying and child abuse, but unfortunately they're easily forgotten due to this being too ...

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    better luck next time 0

    For those of you who ever wondered where I went for the past *mumbles* months, I shall direct you to the location of a non-stopping cat with pop-tart body, flying through space with a rainbow wake and proclaim myself champion of “longest watching of it ever”. For those of you who didn’t care “why no love guys? Why no love?” But with my temporary return (the “nyan” beckons me still) I’ve decided to look at the final issue of the 2011-2012 “new 52” series of “Static Shock”.In my usual review style...

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    Static; a Memorial 0

    A way to end a series killed by bad writers, this comic really should have been earlier on, it would have taken care of the problem of how the old writers did not go and explain Static's past for new fans.However, the use of various old Static looks, his original and the one that made him famous in the Cartoon series (And should have been used in the series), is good, as well as using images of old Milestone faves Icon, Holocaust, and even Dusk.....the last one in particular was unexpected.Liste...

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