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DC Comics continues its launch of the Milestone comics line, presenting adventures of a culturally diverse mix of superheroes, set in the fictional city of Dakota. In the debut of STATIC, Virgil Hawkins, a typical 15-year old, has undergone a bizarre biochemical change. This change involves a secret identity, powerful manipulation of electrostatic forces... and the threat of a superpowered punk, Hotstreak!

Frieda heads to Akkad's place where the five alarm crew is waiting to take her somewhere. Static intervenes and defeats them. Frieda heads home. Static then changes into his civilian clothes and rushes back home to talk to Frieda on the phone. The next day Virgil asks Larry about asking Frieda out and he responds saying that he thinks Frieda believes they're just friends. While in class the five alarm crew arrive and take Frieda to Hot-Streak. Static eventually arrives and fights Hot-Streak, but when he sees his face he stops fighting and is beaten by him. Hot-Streak leaves and Static tells Frieda he couldn't fight him and takes off his mask revealing to her that he is Virgil.



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 For summary and scans click hereThe Good Virgil and his mother get great characterization and to a minor extent his sister. Virgil comes across as the insecure friend you had in high school he feels the need to hide his inadequacy with constant jokes and one liners. There was good action and the art seemed to match the tone of the story and the overall style of the dakotaverse. Overall for a first issue the story was adequate it gave us the titular star and his powers, a love interest, a ...

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Criminals, Get Twisted; He's Superhero Gifted 0

The Good: The artwork is pretty solid, and definitely one of the more coherent of the Milestone series'. Of special note is the display of Static's lightning. It just looks so damn cool, and so damn unique for electricity combat. On that note, his abilities are pretty unique. He can use his electricity straightforward, but he can also channel it into electromagnetism, powering his transportation, and creating a lot more options in combat. This is what really sets Static apart from Black Lightnin...

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