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Starstorm was created by Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns.

Major Story Arcs

Green Lantern

A member of the Green Lantern Corps once again, Sinestro seeks out an old foe Starstorm, in an effort to use him to find Lyssa Drak and the Book of the Black. Sinestro finds Starstorm in a disgraced, embarrassed state caused by his past defeats, a shell of what he once was. Sinestro forces Starstorm to dawn his helmet, the source of his powers, to help sniff out Dark and the Book of the Black. The duo manage to find Dark, and Sinestro uses Starstorm's helmet in an effort to defeat his former Sinestro Corps member, taking the book, and leaving Starstorm back in his pitiful state. Later, Ganthet and the rest of the Guardians of the Universe find Starstorm, also seeking out the Book of the Black. When he proves useless to them, the Guardians kill Starstorm, without mercy.

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