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The winged villianess calling herself Starshrike is the successor of Shrike, an original member of the Cadre. The Cadre recovered Shrike’s bracers after her death during a Suicide Squad mention then gave them to a new recruit, granting her the same powers and physical alterations. Unlike the successors of the original Shatterfist and Fastball, Starshrike adopted a slightly different name than her bracers’ previous owner.

She was first seen when the Cadre worked for Doctor Polaris, then betrayed him when they realized what his plan was. Starshrike was also seen hanging around a bar for alien bounty hunters, presumably she and other Cadre members present were looking for work. 

When the US government started kidnapping super-criminals and vanishing them, Starshrike was among the motley crew that sought Sanctuary with the Justice League. She thus apparently avoided being deported to an alien planet. When Libra created the Society which would become an enormous alliance of super-criminals. Starshrike was among the first wave of recruits.


A character named Peregrine, identical to Shrike and Starshrike appeared in later stories. Who she is is unclear. Peregrine had been a victim of a criminal surgery ring forcibly removing organs from superhumans and grafting them on clients. She had been captured and her wings amputated, and was treated in a STAR Lab medical unit headed by Dr. Jenet Klyburn. Peregrine was suffering from severe phantom limbs issues, making her violent.

Klyburn, who was treating other victims of the organs thieves, worked with Dr. Mid-Nite who dismantled the criminal ring. Peregrine’s wings had been sold to a fashion model named Angelika. Like most sold organs, the wings were causing Angelika severe health issues and were likely to kill her through either tissue rejection or immuno-suppressant abuse. What happened after the organ-legging ring was taken down is unrevealed. Dr. Klyburn and Dr. Mid-Nite presumably had Angelika’s stolen wings removed to save her life, and grafted back on Peregrine.

Trinity Event

During the Trinity events, the DC Universe experienced complex reality shifts. Early on a mobilization of superhuman defenders took place in the US after Europe vanished behind a magical force field. Starshrike publicly joined the effort, patrolling the skies and coasts.


Other Aliases: Peregrine

Marital Status: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Group affiliation: Cadre ; Society

Base Of Operations: Unknown

Height: 5‘5” Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: White Hair: Varies (Pink, White, Orange) Skin: Orange hue

Powers and Abilities

Starshrike can beat her wings to fly very quickly, and can emit a powerful sonic beam by screaming. She has sharp claws on her hands and also her feet.


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