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The bugs dont bug me, the writing does

OK as a huge SST fan this close to the trilogy was something I highly looked forward to, sure the 2nd film was a little bit of a let down to me, not because it was bad, but because it tried to be a little bit more of a horror then a sci-fi film, and I knew Marauder was going to get back to basics with more giant bug fighting action... it did... but that's one of the few things it did right. 
Casper Van Dien returns as Johnny Rico, who (along with Jolene Blalock's character) was one of the only two characters in the film you will really care about, the rest are either annoying, undeveloped, or downright unlikable, which is a shame considering how great the first film did with making every character one you enjoy watching. 
Character appeal is not the only thing that suffers but the writing as well, Rico, a major war hero is set to be executed for punching a superior officer and disobeying his orders, an officer who was supposedly his friend, but is instead put into a secret project where he is put in command of a heavy mech suited Marauder sqaud... for about the last 10 minutes or less of the movie! That's right the title Marauder mech suits (which fans of the Roughnecks SST Chronicles animated series and the comics are already familiar with) are only used at the very end to kill the Arachnid Queen in a very short anti-climactic scene. 
Much of the film is more focussed on the politics of the Federation, and the Sky Marshall and some others (including Blalock's character) wandering a bug infested coast line with one being eaten from time to time, and in a not so shocking turn of events which you will see coming a mile and a half away, the Sky Marshall is revealed to be under bug mind control. 
So what did SST 3 do right? Special effects, bringing back Van Dien to play Rico, and showing the ultimate bug, which was pretty cool looking. 
I really hope this is not the last SST movie because it would be a really bad note to go out on.

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