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    The man know as Jaard was forever change by alien species

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    The Starseed was a man named Jaard that belonged to a group of peaceful settlers long ago and they resided in a mountain where life was good and quiet. One day an alien spacecraft landed on their mountain and greeted Jaard and his people with violence and aggression. The aliens with their advanced technology lifted their mountain with powerful grapples and took off into space. Jaard and his people stayed hidden in caves on the mountain until they overcame the aliens and utilized their technology to regain back their world. Jaard was the last survivor of his people and became the Starseed. He returned the mountain back to Earth where it resided in the middle of Los Angeles.

    Starseed came across Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Morbius and the Werewolf aka the Legion of Monsters. Starseed was no threat and just wanted to return home. However, the bloodlust and predatory instincts of the Werewolf and Morbius took over and they attacked Starseed. Morbius tells Starseed that they are cursed to live their life as monsters while he was able to attain perfection amongst his absence from humanity. Ghost Rider tried to protect Starseed from Morbius but the gold skinned being was wounded by the Werewolf and the pain caused him fear. Man-Thing was attracted to the fear Starseed was experiencing and touched him. Starseed started to burn from the Man-Thing's touch and the Werewolf attacked him once again. Starseed laid dying and demonstrated what life could have been for the Legion of Monsters by briefly lifting their curses and reverting them to human form. Starseed could no longer maintain the dream and the Legion of Monsters reverted back into their cursed forms when Starseed died.


    Starseed was created by Bill Mantlo and Frank Robbins in 1976 and first appeared in Marvel Premiere # 28.


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