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    A team lead by Captain America.

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    Brief History

    Stars and Stripes is a group put together by Captain America to help him answers the call to those in need.  The group began life as Captain America's Stars and Stripes Hotline, which Steve would regularly use to receive requests for people in need of aid. When the Commission of Superhuman Activites robbed Steve Rogers of his right to the Captain America guise, D-Man was left in charge of the helpline which he used to put together a team to locate Steve.  
    The team consisted of himself, The Falcon, Nomad, and Nomad's girlfriend Vagabond. Later, Diamondback joined the group after defecting from the Serpent Society. The group disbanded when tensions got high during the Commission's attempt to capture Steve which resulted in D-Man, Nomad and Diamondback being arrested. Nomad quit the team soon after, disagreeing Steve's lack of action against the Commission. With the dissolution of his team, Steve sought to reform the Avengers
    A while afterwards, Captain America formed a makeshift group with himself, Paladin, Black Mamba and Asp in a bid to free Diamondback from a revenge hungry Serpent Society and later Superia and MODAM. Afterwards, Captain America offered them a chance to form a more permanent team but Paladin declined, as did Mamba and Asp. Diamondback stayed by Steve's side and began working with the Avengers.
    The group reformed years later, consisting of Zachary Moonhunter, who served as Captain America's personal mission pilot, the augmented Jack Flag, the heroine Free Spirit and computer and mechanical expert Fabian Stankowitz. Diamondback, Captain America's on again off again girlfriend often served as an ally or associate of the group.

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