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An anthology of H.P. Lovecraft inspired stories, some prose some comics.

Story Lists:

"Lovecraft in Heaven"

by Grant Morrison

"Third Eye Butterfly"

by James Havoc and Mike Philbin 

"A Thousand Young"

 by Robert M. Price

"The Night Sea-Maid Went Down"

 by Brian Lumley

"From this Swamp"

 by Henry Wessels

"Prisoner of the Coral Deep"

by J. G. Ballard 

"Black Static"

 by David Conway 

"Red Mass"

by Dan Kellett

"Wind Die. You Die. We Die"

by William S. Burroughs 

"The Call of Cthulhu"

 by John Coulthart & H. P. Lovecraft 


 by Ramsey Campbell 


 by Simon Whitechapel 


 by D. F. Lewis

"Beyond Reflection"

 by John Beal 

"This Exquisite Corpse"

by C. G. Brandrick & D. M. Mitchell

"Extracted from the Mouth of the Consumer, Rotting Pig"

by Michael Gira 

"Hypothetical Materfamilias"

by Adele O. Gladwell 

"The Sound of a Door Opening"

by Don Webb 

"The Courtyard"

 by Alan Moore  
This take was later adapted into a comic by Avatar Press called Alan Moore's The Courtyard.

"The Dreamers in Darkness"

 by Peter Smith 

"Pills for Miss Betsy"

by Rick Grimes 

"23 Nails"

by Stephen Sennitt  

"Ward 23"

 by D. M. Mitchell


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Story Arcs

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