Starro the Cat

    Character » Starro the Cat appears in 7 issues.

    Starro the Cat is Snapper Carr's pet cat.

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    Starro the Cat is Snapper Carr's pet cat. Starro is a white, domesticated cat. Starro lives with Snapper at his home in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Starro was named for Starro the Starfish Conqueror, the villain that Snapper helped the Justice League defeat, giving him an honorary membership.

    Starro has formed a bond with Snapper, Snapper's ex-wife Bethany Lee, and the third Hourman. For the most part, Starro minds his own business, though he was once hurt by the android Amazo.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Chrono Bums

    (Story that appears in the DC Comics Presents: Batman Irresistible #1 - 100-Page Spectacular)

    Starro is being chased by Dr Togg and Torcher who want to change him into a Vulture-Cat. Starro is saved by Hourman, even though Togg and Torcher had no chance of catching Starro.


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