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Starr Flagg aka Undercover Girl is a female American secret agent created in 1947 by Gardner Fox (writer) and Ogden Whitney (art).

In 1952 Starr Flagg, the comic book character moved from Manhunt to her own eponymous series. It lasted 3 issues until Magazine Enterprises ceased to exist.

As a powerful female leading character she uses all her assets to advance America's interests abroad and defeat the treacherous schemes of the rival secret agents. The action is taking place in almost every corner of the world, from the deep of the African Jungle to the rails of the Orient Express, from the small villages of South America to the temples of India, or from the Far East to the base of the Pyramids.

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Coming 5 years after Senorita Rio, this beautiful blonde is much more athtletic than her predecessor being an excellent swimmer and also a martial arts expert which allows her to defeat her opponents in hand to hand combat. She owns a gun but rarely uses.

Her sex appeal appeal is combined with an exquisite feel of schemes and strategy and a nice sense of humour.

Like many other later day secret agent characters, she enjoys finer things, expensive clothes, luxury resorts, but she could just as easily do without them if the mission required it.

While Starr Flagg usually operated alone, she was assisted once by FBI agent Jim Fallon, who had his own strip in Manhunt, making this the only crossover between characters from different strips.

Still Unknown to many Starr Flagg was setting the standards for many leading female characters of the genre including the more famous Modesty Blaise, Honey West or Lara Croft.


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