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In this tie-in to the "JLA Omega" storyline, the new blue and gold team of Congorilla and Mikaal Tomas work to unlock the secrets behind the toxic Omega Man's dark energy, which encases Washington D.C. To do this they must embark on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth, encountering diverse heroes from the DCU along the way including Animal Man, Sirocco and a certain wonder dog named Rex. And all the while, Mikaal and Congorilla must outrun and outwit a cadre of terrorist assassins from Gorilla City. This is a breakneck chase through the DCU, but with a serious end-goal – saving the lives of their fellow members of the JLA!

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Rumble in the Jungle 0

Every cloud has its silver lining, I suppose.  I've just begun hearing (mostly from a certain hilarious internet series) of James Robinson's lackluster JLA: Cry for Justice series.  The one bright spot I could see emerging from that series was the unlikely friendship of Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla, two fairly obscure heroes given new purpose in the expanding DC Universe.  I guess this team has proved fairly popular because out of seemingly NOWHERE comes Starman/Congorilla #1, and while this is u...

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The New Blue and Gold? 0

The Good: Normally I don't like Brett Booth's art all that much. It's not bad art by any means, it's just not my taste. I don't know what it was, but as the issue progressed either the writing was immersive enough that I didn't notice the art, or the art got better. Either way, this issue made me a lot less nervous about BB taking over art duties in JLA. A lot of this issue is an excellent recap of some of the more obscure major event of the DCU as of recent years. There's a lot of obscure or le...

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Blue and Gold? About Time. 0

Counted as part of James Robinson's JLA run, this oneshot stands as his best issue so far. On top of that, it is also probably the best story to come out of the events of the notorious Cry for Justice limited series.  Back when Cry for Justice was just getting started, Robinson made the bold claim that he was establishing a new Blue and Gold duo with Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla. Then, Cry for Justice finished its run, Robinson moved on into his run on Justice League of America and the promise of...

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