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A nice revisit to Opal...with some reservations.

When I opened Starman 81,

Once the action starts happening, it's a bloodbath in Opal. I understand this is a single comic and Robinson has to tell a story in such a little page count, but it was choppy.
David is back as the undead, and the actual conflict with him is quite psychological if anything. Shade doesn't do too much shadowy fighting, and Hope's gunshots are basically all for naught. 
I think Jack's lucky that he didn't have to appear in this issue.
This comic had heart, but it lacked the special touch and zeal that we enjoyed in the first 80 issues of Starman. The art was decent, but nowhere near as good as most of the art we were spoiled with in the original series. I thought Shade looked far too prettyboy throughout, and when you compare most of the art of him within with the art on the cover, you certainly will wish that the cover artist had done the interior art.
Edit: JAMES ROBINSON: Please do not write another Starman comic EVER AGAIN! This comic is progressively worse after a re-read.

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