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The son of Sinindru and Merimarth Quarrel, Sinjin was born with golden eyes, the sign that he was a telepath known as a Probiti. At the age of seven, he was sent to be trained to use his powers like all Probiti were. But he was an outcast at the institute and his power was weak, only able to communicate telepathically while in physical contact.

Despite his lack of abilities, he was graduated and sent to the planet Bovric. The planet was run by Lawgiver Damyish, who had much disdain for the Probiti and was even believed to have killed Sinjin's predecessor.

Major Story Arcs

Becoming Starlord

Sinjin discovered the wreckage of a star ship in the jungle while sleepwalking. He soon learned that this was the "Ship" of the legendary Star-Lord, Peter Quill. Ship had lost her memories and over time Sinjin helped her to regain them.

When Damyish began to investigate, Sinjin took the guise of Starlord to save Ship from his clutches. After Damyish stole one of Ship's widgets, Sinjin assisted her in retrieving it and left the planet with her. Together they fought to stop Damyish from taking over the Carina Cluster through military force.

After, Sinjin embraced his role as the new Starlord and he and Ship flew off into the galaxy.

Powers & Abilities

Sinjin is a Probiti but does not possess their full telepathic abilities. He can read minds and transfer thoughts when in contact with others.

As Starlord, Sinjin has many of the original Starlord's capabilities including language translation, enhanced durability, and limited life support. Unlike Peter Quill, he cannot fly but can use Ships gravity beams for limited flight while she is near by.

Sinjin also possesses Starlord's Element Gun which can produce unlimited amounts of the four elements - air, fire, water and earth.


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