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Starlight Glimmer was born in one of the Equestrian unnamed villages. As a child she was very interested in magical arts. Interested enough to study it. Practicing spells is not easy thing but she had help from her one friend - Sunburst. Sunburst was a kid in her age who had pretty impressive magical potential and knowledge. Every pony discovers his talent in young age. In human terms of aging it would be five years old person. This talent means in which thing he's the best, his passion. Talent appears on the body as a image of something. Like tattoo. Sunburst got his talent at very young age and was taken away to the magical academy. Starlight as a child didn't fully understand why he abandoned her. After many years the same mentally unstable Starlight took control over some random village. Using her superior magical abilities she forced everybody to live under her leadership. She has made Communistic regime where everybody was "equal". Years later Twilight Sparkle and her friends freed the village from Starlight's control. A noble act which caused creation of new powerful enemy.

Powers and Abilities

Starlight relies on magic spells and her intellect. Her magic is based on the emotions. She's like the Hulk. The angrier she gets the more powerful she becomes (magic-wise). Anger doesn't affect on her physicals. She's master of prep who can discover new spells in days.

Examples of her magic spells:

  • creating clones of herself
  • amping her speed to inhuman levels
  • transfiguration
  • teleportation (herself and another people)
  • phasing people
  • mind control
  • telepathy
  • gravity manipulation
  • creating magical barriers
  • Invisibility
  • magical telekinesis
  • creating fire
  • causing blinding light
  • weakening opponent physicals and magical abilities
  • magic beams strong enough to destroy stone bridges and walls

Key Episodes:

The Cutie Map pt 1 and 2

The Cutie Re-Mark pt 1 and 2

No Second Prances

A Hearthswarming Tale

Every Little Thing She Does

To Where and Back Again pt 1 and 2

Celestial Advice

All Bottled Up

A Royal Problem

To Change A Changeling

Uncommon Bond

Shadow Play pt 1 and Pt 2

The Parent Map

On The Road To Friendship


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