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Incorrectly advertised and horribly written

When I saw the cover to this issue I was afraid it would turn into a Playboy comic seeing as to how over sexualized the cover was. After actually reading it I realized that the main audience is none other than preteen or teen girls by the looks of the things. I think they should have simply had an illustrated cover similar to the artwork in the comic to let the reader know what they’re in for. The story is that a photographer girl named Alexis tries to take pictures of a meteorite but ends up getting hit by one and gaining super powers. Less than a day later she decides to become a superhero for no apparent reason except that…well…she has super powers. I have so many problems with this issue. The whole first half is just college girls rambling about clothes and boys which is boring and then the second half is just utter stupidity. Why does everyone in the world that gains super powers decide to become a superhero like five minutes later? The world doesn’t seem to have had any before that so where did the motivation for this come from? The dialogue is written to try and sound realistic rather than overly epic but ends up just sounding fake and scripted. The artwork isn’t terrible but also leaves a lot to be desired. So basically we are stuck with an over sexualized super heroine with no motivation who has the ability to make her eyes sparkle…among others. No matter who you are, don’t read this.

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