Stark Disassembled

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    In the aftermath of World's Most Wanted, Tony Stark is dead and/or missing. As heroes come to his aide, can Tony Stark be brought back to life?

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    Plot Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead)

    After the events of World's Most Wanted, Tony Stark's brain has stopped functioning and has left him in a coma.

    Pepper Potts somehow receives a holographic message from Tony revealing a way to reboot his brain and return him to his normal state. While Donald Blake and Captain America figure out how to revive him Pepper resorts to more drastic measures. In an attempt to make things easier on Pepper, Tony offers to remain in his near brain-dead state to buy some additional time.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Madame Masque is enlisting highly trained assassins to take advantage of Tony in his vulnerable state. She looks no further than Ghost, of the Thunderbolts, to carry out the task.

    Within Stark's mind during his coma, Tony is trapped in this dream-like realm where he is faced with puzzles, mysteries, and full-scale attacks. In his dreams, he is visited by Howard and Maria Stark and they try to assist in getting him ♫"baaaack to life, baaaack to re-al-i-ty!" ♫

    Back in the real world, Tony's recorded message has given Pepper step-by-step instructions how to properly revive him from "Never Land". She is to: 1) transplant her electromagnet into his chest, 2) Install a Futurpharm stolen hard drive into his head, 3) use Thor's lightning to electrify Captain America's shield to jump start his brain. When this odd concoction failed to revive Tony they had to call in the big guns, Doctor Stephen Strange.

    Back in Oklahoma, where Tony is being sheltered for safety, Dr. Strange arrives to lend a helping hand. Once there he gets straight to work in Tony's dreamland. While Dr. Strange is in Tony's head, in an attempt to talk him out, Ghost begins attack runs on Tony and team. Sensing that something is fishy on the surface, Dr. Strange emerges to find blood and guts. They manage to run Ghost off and get back to reviving Tony.

    Dr. Strange's efforts soon work and he's able to talk Tony out of his dream/sleep. Tony is revived.

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