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Brief History

Vuk as Starhammer
Vuk as Starhammer

Many years ago, Vuks spaceship crashlanded on Earth. It imbedded itself on the bottom of the sea and he was unable to free it. When he searched for help, the humans attacked him in fear so he used his ray gun to turn the attackers to stone. Many years later he asked Namor for help and in return he had to turn the Avengers to stone while at a press conference. Captain America, the only one unaffected by the attack, tracked down the alien with the help of Rick Jones.

Once he had confronted the alien, he offered the Avengers help in return for Vuk to restore them back to their former state. Once restored, the Avengers took him to his spaceship at the bottom of the sea and Thor helped bring the ship up far enough for him to make repairs. After his repairs were done, he departed Earth in what seemed like an underwater earthquake which scared away Namor and his forces.

A while later, the X-man Jean Grey was replaced by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix. While Phoenix at first was a force of good, she later was manipulated and turned into the Dark Phoenix. While Dark Phoenix soared the cosmos, she encountered Starhammer's homeplanet.

As an act of fury, she annihilated the complete planet, killing everyone on it. Everyone, except for Vuk, whom was off planet at the time. Filled with grief and a need to exact vengeance upon Jean Grey, he traveled back to Earth. In later years, he encountered She-Hulk and Wolverine. During the events of Maximum Security, now wearing a powerful armour and calling himself Starhammer, he joined a few expatriate Imperial Guardsmen in ambushing the X-Men. He finally had the chance to take out Jean Grey, but she pierced his mind and made him believe he succeeded in killing her. He dropped to the ground overwhelmed in shock. The X-men then planned to destroy his armour.

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