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    Teenager Courtney Whitemore is the current bearer of the Starman legacy as well as being the step-daughter of S.T.R.I.P.E. Stargirl serves as a valued member of the Justice Society of America.

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    A Star-Spangled Kid is born
    A Star-Spangled Kid is born

    Courtney Whitmore was born to a couple that broke up when she was still very young. As a teenager Courtney was not taken by the man that her mother brought home, Pat Dugan. Courtney may not have liked Pat but her mother did, and they eventually got married. After being moved to Blue Valley, Nebraska Courtney went through his stuff found the Cosmic Converter Belt. Soon, afterwards, she about Pat's history in superheroics, she became Star-Spangled Kid, mostly to annoy him. Pat would make a Mech suit to follow her around and thus the team "Stars and Stripes" were formed.



    After a time as Stars and Stripes, she joins the JSA. When Jack Knight decides to quit being Starman, he gives Courtney his Star Rod to continue the legacy, but it would not be until a few adventures later that she officially declares herself Stargirl.

    Courtney becomes a frequent and relied upon member of the JSA, and during her time with the team she gains a little sister in Patricia Dugan.

    At first, Courtney and Jakeem Thunder do not get along, but after they work together to defeat Solomon Grundy in the sewers, they become, if not friends, then better allies. During this fight, Courtney has to deal with the fact that Grundy killed her namesake, Sylvester Pemberton. After the fight, Solomon developed an obsession with Courtney.

    For a time she was in a relationship with Captain Marvel's alter-ego Billy, but when Jay pressured him about being roughly 25 and her being 16, Captain Marvel chose to stop seeing Courtney and leave the JSA, rather than telling Jay the truth about his younger identity.

    Time Traveling and Black Vengeance

    Courtney’s biggest love interest has been Al Rothstein or Atom Smasher. Courtney was heartbroken when Atom Smasher joined with Black Adam. She didn’t trust him after that but teamed up with him to stop Per Degaton from destroying the past JSA. Per's agents had killed Courtney's family, but after they returned from time traveling, her family was alive again. During this time she forgave Atom Smasher and showed her love for him.

    During Black Vengeance, Albert sacrifices himself to Spectre. Stargirl cries about this, but Black Adam saves Albert before the JSA carries him away. Albert is sent to a year in Belle Reve prison and Courtney says. ”I’ll wait for him” Courtney then goes and attempts to help the original Liberty Belle who seemed to have lost control of her powers. Right after this, Courtney is told of her birth father's death. Because of this, Courtney finally accepts Pat as the first real father figure in her life.

    Later Super-Heroics

    During Infinite Crisis, She participates in the fight against Superboy-Prime. After this she starts going to college and changes her equipment set. She then rejoins the Justice Society. She strikes a friendship with fellow team mates Cyclone, Liberty Belle and Lightning.

    During Fifty Two, Atom Smasher went to save Black Adam. After he was saved Black Adam went on a Rampage and his actions lead to World War Three. Stargirl was one of those who were attacked, but she was not badly hurt.

    During the Gentleman Ghost storyline, Courtney is learning how to drive and she couldn’t be harmed by the Ghost because she was pure (a virgin).

    During Final Crisis, Courtney is part of an underground resistance against Darkseid's forces.

    JSA All-Stars

    The Kiss
    The Kiss

    After a huge attack the JSA split in two, the JSA and the JSA All-Stars. Courtney joins the All-Stars, however she expresses regret in being assigned to this group and feels more at home with the other team. Power Girl tells her that she needed her on the team because the others look up to her. Johnny Sorrow then resurfaces again. He employs the Strike Force to abduct Courtney and deliver her to him in exchange for two million dollars. They agreed and attacked the Justice Society during the opening of the new JSA museum. In the middle of the battle Arthur Pemberton grabbed Stargirl and fled from the battlefield using a jetpack. It is then revealed Johnny is doing this because he's in love with Courtney.

    The JSA arrives in the middle of a brawl between the Injustice Society and Arthur Pemberton's troops. Johnny Sorrow then summons the King of Tears. He tells the Justice Society that the only way to get rid of it is to give him Stargirl. Stargirl unhappily listens. She breaks the Cosmic Rod and Johnny Sorrow takes her to some part of the Subtle Realms, where he abandons her. Atom-Smasher then appears there, powerless as well, during their time in the realm the two kiss. Al reveals himself to be Johnny Sorrow in disguise because he needed her pure love for Al as part of a spell he was working on. Al was being held prisoner in another part of the Subtle Realms. After being saved by Sandman and King Chimera, the two return to the ranch and Al rejoins the team.

    New 52

    In the New 52 Stargirl's origin is the same as what it was pre-New 52 with some small differences. Courtney originally found the uniform, Cosmic Converter Belt and Cosmic Rod in her stepfather's office. Despite her claims that the possessions were weird, Courtney put on the Star Spangle Kid costume and was able to activate both the Belt and Rod. She flew through LA before noticing a fire, she quickly came to the rescue and saved several people and in doing so became an over night celebrity. As much as it angered Pat, he agreed to train her on how to use the Belt and Cosmic Rod, and Courtney became known as Stargirl.

    Stargirl joined the Justice League of America. Her purpose on the team is to take down Cyborg, a member of the Justice League, even though Stargirl is not aware of this. When Stargirl joined the JLA she was the face of the team because she was popular with the people. She had regularly missed out on team missions because if she got hurt A.R.G.U.S. would get in trouble. Amanda Waller explained to Stargirl that her job on the team was to be the spokesperson, lest she answer for the crimes of her biological father. Stargirl sneaked away to join the rest of the team to find the Secret Society of Super Villains in Minnesota.

    During the Trinity War and mystery of Pandora's box, Courtney sided with Wonder Woman and a mixture of the Justice League and Justice League Dark. After finding Pandora with Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman is corrupted by the box. The group attempt to subdue Wonder Woman, unaware of the Box's evil slowly corrupting everyone in the room. After Shazam is corrupted by the box, everyone but Courtney, Zatanna and Pandora fight for the box. Zatanna casts a spell around the three of them to shield them from the evil energy. While John Constantine talks to Zatanna about the box, Courtney begins acting strange. Courtney attacks Pandora in an attempt to steal the Box from Frankenstein. Constantine grabs the Box, which doesn't affect him because he is already bad. Constantine and Zatanna teleport to Greece, leaving behind everyone corrupted.

    After finding Madame Xanadu, the rest of the members of the Justice League, JLA and JLD burst in. They all begin fighting for the box. Courtney battles Cyborg, until The Outsider activates the Box, opening a portal for the Crime Syndicate. Courtney much like the rest of the various members of the Justice League were put in mind prisons. These prisons were built on each of the heroes greatest fears but Courtney decided when she first became Stargirl now to be ruled by fear. She was able to escape her mental prison along with the Martian Manhunter. They soon found themselves battling members of the Injustice League before escaping to regroup with Batman to stop the Crime Syndicate and free the rest of the Justice League.


    After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Stargirl joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated. Stargirl later appeared with the Justice Society of America when Doctor Manhattan undoes the changes that he made to the timeline that erased the Justice Society and the Legion of Super-Heroes from history.

    Powers and Abilities

    Star blasts
    Star blasts

    The Cosmic Converter Belt enhances a number of Courtney's abilities, such as her agility, durability, speed, stamina, and strength, as well as creating star blasts from the stored energy of the belt. The Cosmic Rod allows her to fly, as well as absorb energy which she can project into a variety of uses, such as blasts and force fields, gravity manipulation etc. Because the Rod is attuned to her, it can receive mental commands from a distance.

    Alternate Versions

    Titans of Tomorrow

    Courtney is shown to have become Starwoman and joined Luthor's Titans Army.

    Earth - Three

    An evil counterpart of Courtney is shown to be part of the Crime Society of America.

    Earth - Seven

    Courtney is shown to be older with a different costume, different hair colour and is now operating as Star Woman.

    Earth - Thirty-Three

    Part of a magic group allied with Star-Man, in this Earth Courtney has magic powers.

    Personal Data

    • Real Name: Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore
    • Height: 5'5"
    • Weight: 110 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde


    • Nationality: American
    • Place of Birth: Beverly Hills, California
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Justice Society of America
    • Known Relatives: Sam Kurtis (father, deceased), Barbara Whitmore-Dugan (mother), Pat Dugan (step-father), Mike Dugan (step-brother), Patricia Dugan (half-sister)

    Other Media


    Justice League Unlimited

    Justice League Unlimited
    Justice League Unlimited

    She appears in JLU as a new member of the Justice League, voiced by Giselle Loren. Stargirl is often seen with S.T.R.I.P.E . In the episode "Chaos at the Earth's Core", Stargirl, Green Lantern John Stewart, and S.T.R.I.P.E. are in Japan fighting off a giant turtle. After the mission, Stargirl expresses jealousy Supergirl, calling her a show-off. They, along with Stewart and S.T.R.I.P.E, are transported to Deimos. By the time they leave Deimos, both girls find themselves on more amicable terms.

    She appears in a main role again in the episode "Patriot Act". When Superman is in another galaxy and may not appear in a parade in Metropolis, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Green Arrow, Vigilante and Shining Knight take his place in the parade (Stargirl uses her Cosmic Converter Belt to create fireworks for the party). Unfortunately, General Wade Eiling arrives and attacks them. During the fight Stargirl states that her powers are derived from the staff. After being defeated she is saved by Shining Knight. At the end, she is seen going to the hospital. In the series finale, Stargirl is seen helping in the final battle against Darkseid.


    Britt Irvin as Stargirl in Smallville
    Britt Irvin as Stargirl in Smallville

    Stargirl appears in the television series Smallville - episode Absolute Justice (2010). Stargirl appears alongside other members of the Justice Society of America. The actress Britt Irvin played Stargirl.

    Courtney Whitmore appears in the Hospital of Metropolis, where it intersects with Clark Kent (Courtney is crying). After that, Courtney appears later in the streets (with the Cosmic Converter Belt) and find the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow said that the Belt does not belong to Courtney. Courtney and Green Arrow are discussing, however Mr Kent appears and disappears with Courtney. Courtney appears in the house of the Justice Society of America. Hawkman takes the belt. Courtney said they should ask for help to Clark (to solve the problem of deaths).

    Hawkman does not accept and decides behind the killers with Courtney and Mr Kent. Mr Kent, uses the helmet of Fate, and becomes Dr.Fate (Courtney is surprised). Clark goes to the hospital, where Dr.Fate is there to investigate a corpse. Dr. Fate disappears with Clark. Later Courtney fight against the villain (with the belt) but the villain still manages to escape. Clark wakes up in the house of the Justice Society of America. Dr. Fate, Hawkman and Stargirl appear. Later, the killer decides to attack. Clark, Hawkman and Green Arrow attack the killer, but the killer defeats the heroes. The killer is about to kill Stargirl, however the Martian Manhunter appears and saves Stargirl. In the end, the heroes defeat the killer.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Stargirl in Batman: The Brave and The Bold
    Stargirl in Batman: The Brave and The Bold

    She appears in the episode "Cry Freedom Fighters!" voiced by Hope Levy. She teams up with Blue Beetle to fight Mantis.

    Legendes of Tomorrow

    Stargirl in Legends of Tomorrow
    Stargirl in Legends of Tomorrow

    Stagirl appears as a member of the Justice Society of America. She fights the Legends at first, but then they team up together. Alongside her teammates, she is tasked with protecting one of the four pieces of the Spear of destiny. All the JSA members are scatter through time so they can´t be found. She ends up in Camelot, where she becomes known as Merlin. When the Legends found her, she is reluctant at first but she finally agrees to give them her part of the Spear of Destiny so they can stop the Legion of Doom. She decides to remain in Camelot. She is played by Sarah Grey.

    Justice League Action

    Stargirl in Justice League Action
    Stargirl in Justice League Action

    Stargirl appears in a cameo in Season 1, Episode 11 "Play Date" as playable character in Toyman´s game.

    She makes another cameo in Seson 1 Episode 17 "Plastic Man Saves the World" in Brainiac Computer.

    She makes her full debut in Season 1 Episode 19 "Field Trip", when she, with Firestorm and Blue Beetle, accidentally send Superman to the Phantom Zone and free Zod, Faora and Quex-Ul. She had to learn how to team work with her collegues to stop the villains.

    She appears in Season 1 Episode 29 "Mxy's Mix-Up". She teams-up with Superman and Batman to stop an invasion from Gorilla Grodd, but Mr Mxyzptlk gets in the middle, ans Stargirl ends up in Superman body, unable to control his powers. They eventually find a way to stop both Grood and Mr Mxyzptlk.

    In season 1 Episode 30 "Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting", Stargirl have to work as babysitter but she´s interrupted by Klarion, who walks into the house looking for a book containing great magic. She must team up with Batman and Constantine to stop him.

    Stargirl makes a cameo in Season 1, Espisode 38 "The Ringer" in an imaginary speech from The Atom.

    She makes a cameo in Season 1, Episode 39 "Forget Me Not" in the Watchtower monitor.

    In Season 1, Episde 41 "Harley Goes Ape!" Stargirl is helping against Gorilla Grodd, who has taken control over the giant chimpanzee Titano.

    She appears in Season 1, Episoode 46 "Party Animal", attending Green Arrow's Christmas party.

    She is voiced by Natalie Lander.

    Justice League Action (Web Serie)

    Stargirl in Justice League Action Web Serie
    Stargirl in Justice League Action Web Serie

    Stargirl also appears in this series, with Natalie Lander reprising her role.

    She debuts in the episode 3 "Chemistry", teaming-up with Firestorm, who is trying to impress her while battling H.I.V.E

    In episode 12 "Mint Condition", Stargirl and Batman helps Cyborg against Toy-Man, who has taken control over Cyborg action figures.

    In episode 18 "Driver's Ed", Stargirl is pacticing to get her Space Driver Licence with the help of Space Cabbie, when they run into Zilius Zox as he attempts to rob a Space ATM.


    No Caption Provided

    Stargirl appears as the titular protagonist in the streaming/tv series. She is portrayed by Brec Bassinger.

    The first season aired on DC Universe, a proprietary subscription service that offered digital comics and original programming. The original programming was abandoned early on, with Stargirl moving to The CW where it lasted for 2 more seasons. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2022 at the end of its 3rd season when Warner Brothers was bought by Discovery and The CW was sold off and rebranded away from tween/teen programming.

    Unlike the comics, Stargirl immediately got the cosmic rod, which she didn't inherit until later on in the comics, and skipped the cosmic converter belt, which actually came from Star-Spangled Boy (renamed Starman in the series).


    Infinite Crisis

    Infinite Crisis
    Infinite Crisis

    She is playable character in the online game Infinite Crisis. Her bio says:

    Unlike other heroes, the event that led to Courtney Whitmore becoming a hero wasn't tragedy. Instead, it was the breakup of her parent's marriage and her mother's remarriage to a man named Pat Dugan. She was miserable in her new life and blamed her stepfather. In Pat's belongings, she stumbled across the gear of the hero, 'The Star-Spangled Kid' and realized that Pat had once been the adult sidekick of a teenage hero. To make a mockery of Pat, she decided to wear that gear to a school dance. However, detecting someone wearing the Kid's gear, one of Kid's old enemies thought someone had taken up as the new Star-Spangled Kid and attacked the dance. Her stepfather came to Courtney's aid in a suit of mechanized battle armor he had been secretly working on and the two defeated this old foe.

    Exhilarated by the battle, Courtney decided she wanted to continue on as a hero. Seeing how well she'd handled herself and how it could help them grow closer as father and daughter, Pat agreed. However, there was one condition: He would have to fight alongside her as her guardian. Amused that he would now be her sidekick, Courtney agreed and took on the shorter heroic name, 'Stargirl.'

    Courtney Whitmore is an attractive and cheerful teenage girl, adoring the life she leads as a hero. Due to her young age, it is unsurprising that she can sometimes be naive about how the world works. The Cosmic Staff she wields grants her the ability to fly and can manipulate energy on a large scale, creating energy blasts and defensive shields.

    LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    LEGO Batman 3
    LEGO Batman 3

    Stargirl is a playable character in the game, vocided by Tara Strong.


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