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    Stargate universe is the universe in which the events of the original movie Stargate and the series which spawned from it: Stargate: SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and the newest series Stargate Universe, take place. An animated series Stargate: Infinity also exists but is considered non-canon. A short Stargate Origins series was released with the Stargate Command streaming service.


    The events of the Stargate Universe revolve around the Stargate, a device made by a race known as the Ancients long ago. Stargate allow instantaneous travel between any to any other Stargate in the network, connecting wast regions of space. Naturally, this makes them a point of conflict between many races who wish to control them for their own purposes.

    The humans of Earth have recently discovered a Stargate and learned to use it, bringing them in conflict with races such as Goa'uld, Ori and the Wraith. Through conflict with these race, and the guidance of older races, humans, or Tau'ri, as they are known, have become major players on the galactic stage. There are other humans living throughout the universe, having been seeded by the Goa'uld, the Ancients and the Ori long ago.


    Events of the series mainly take place in the Milky way and Pegasus galaxies. Milky way has until recently been under the dominion of the Goa'uld, bit they have been overthrown recently, and the Tau'ri are now the most powerful race in the galaxy. Pegasus was recently discovered by the Tau'ri which have since then been fighting a war with the Wraith, the dominant force in Pegasus.

    Also known are the Ida galaxy, which is the home of the Asgard, and the Ori home Galaxy, from which the Ori launched attack on the Milky way, though they have been defeated by the Tau'ri.


    The Stargate universe is filled with many species on various stages of development, ranging from relative cavemen, to grand cosmic races. This is a list of Stargate species:

    The Four Great Races

    An alliance of the oldest and most advanced races in the known universe.

    • Ancients - Arguably the most advanced species in Stargate. They are the original builders of Stargates, and their technology is far more sophisticated than even that of the other members of the alliance. Due to a plague thousands of years ago, the Ancients have left this plane of the universe and now exist as beings of pure energy.
    • Asgard - A benevolent race resembling the Roswell greys. They have acted as Norse Gods on Earth thousands of years ago, and have protected many planets throughout the galaxy from the Goa'uld. Their latest technology is nearly on par with the Ancients, though they have even surpassed them in several fields. They are extinct as of the last episode of SG-1.
    • Nox - a pacifist race which will not engage in conflict under any circumstances. As such, they have developed technology for hiding and escape. They have the technology to become invisible, they can make themselves invisible and other things.
    • Furlings - Fourth members of the alliance, next to nothing is known about them.


    Tau'ri - "The First ones", Humans of Earth. The present day humans who have rose to become a dominant player in the galaxy.


    • Goa'uld - a parasite race which takes humans as host and scavenges the technology of other races. They have dominated Milky way for thousands of years, though they have recently been destroyed as a faction.
    • Ori - Same race as the ancients, and like them they exist on another plane. They force lesser races to worship them as gods. Recently destroyed by the Tau'ri.
    • Replicators - machine entities, enemies of the Asgard, destroyed. Also another version created by the Ancients in the Pegasus galaxy, known as the Asurans, enemies of the Wraith and the humans in Pegasus.
    • Jaffa - Genetically engineered humans created by the Goa'uld to serve them. With the fall of the Goa'uld they have recently formed their own nation and are growing stronger.
    • Wraith - A race in control of the Pegasus galaxy. They feed on humans, and have been fighting a war with the Tau'ri for several years now. The race that defeated the ancients in war 10,000 years ago.
    • Unas - Original hosts of the Goa'uld. They are on a stone age level of development.
    • Volca - Alien slaves under Mars' control with phase-shifting abilities.
    • Athosians - Humans transplanted to Pegasus Galaxy on a planet Athos.

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