Will Starfire and Dick Grayson get back together

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Starfire obviously still has feelings for Dick when in red hood and the outlaws she takes out his suit and has memories of him. so just wanted to know how everyone feels about it.

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She has feelings, but not necessarily longings. I think she's quite content with Roy at the moment. And with Dick out of Gotham entirely I sincerely doubt you're going to see that relationship pursued anytime soon. Will they ever get back together? Possibly. But I don't see anything on the horizon that will even bring them face to face, let alone mouth to mouth.

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Yet that issue was a flashback before she met Roy whom is now her boyfriend. But as far as we can tell, Grayson doesn't seem to want anything to do with her or is too scared to confront her. And as long as Roy and Kori remain in the same book I see them staying together.

My opinion, not for a long time, but in comics anything is possible.

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Looks highly unlikely, but I hope so.

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maybe in a few years i like that they not together now

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Idk. Because I really like the outlaws I want her to be w Roy, but because I grew watching teen Titan I want her to eventually end up w Grayson and Roy w Cheshire. And both couples have a kid. One preflashpoint one in kingdom come. So Idk but fine as long as it all works out

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I hope not. I actually like her with Roy.

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I hope not. I actually like her with Roy.

Me tooo

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Maybe if enough people complain about it.

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Probably never

1.its as old as superman lois thing

2.nobody cares as much as you would think

3.new 52 starfire fit roy like a puzzle starfire is the cold shoulder kind of gal while roy is the happy go getter kind of man this is strange concidering pre-52 starfire nightwing pairing but the exact opposite

So yeah probably never

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I want to see Kory and Grayson back together big time, not a fan of her status as an outlaw or pairing with Roy Harper. However, DC has been dropping the ball on just about everything these days, so no idea if & when that'll happen, but I can hope.

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That one Teen Titans GO episode pretty much confirmed that Robin and Star aint getting back together for me.

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