Who do you think would be a good future love for Kori?

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Posted by AColombia (108 posts) 5 years, 8 months ago

Poll: Who do you think would be a good future love for Kori? (24 votes)

Dick Grayson 42%
Roy Harper 8%
Jason Todd 17%
Captain Comet 4%
Karras 0%
General Ph'yzzon 0%
Cyborg 0%
A Green Lantern 13%
Someone new 17%

Who do you believe is a good future love for Kori? I love her and Richard they're my OTP but I'm never against other pairings. It doesn't have to be what they're currently doing, and it doesn't matter who she's currently with. This is to see who people want her to be with in the future when and if she's taken out off Outlaws or expanded into other groups. Anythings possible! It can be in the new 52 or pre new 52.

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#1 Posted by deactivated-5a77aa5e0a324 (310 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, I'd prefer it if she stayed with Roy. I liked them together so much because it's the first time in years that I felt that Kori was strong in a relationship. Before the reboot the only thing writers seemed to care about was that she was Nightwing's ex who couldn't get over him. I like the idea of her with Nightwing, but not at the cost of her own character.

If she doesn't stay with Roy I'd like to see her be single actually. I feel like she's always had a love interest to further the plot somehow. Just because she has intense emotions doesn't mean she needs to be dating someone all the time.

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Her and Grayson are done as far as I am concerned. I like her angle with Roy and so far both Lobdell and Tynion, albeit him giving them some issues, are making it work.

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I want her to be with everybody. She gets what she wants. Use em up and spit em out! :D

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#5 Posted by Sinestro2828 (1679 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to see Starfire get back together with Grayson finally, but if it had to be someone new I'd pick Cyborg, could be a fun pairing. Third choice would be a green lantern so Kory can have space adventures again. I'm pretty much not a fan of her current status as an Outlaw (or the new 52 in general to be honest lol)

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#6 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

someone new.

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superboy prime if they bring him back

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I'd like to see her and John Stewart give it try.

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