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 Am I the only person who finds the contrasts between the animated series' Starfire and the comics' Starfire a bit weird? I mean, personality-wise and physically, too. I had watched the animated series first and I found her just too cute with her clueless personality and her costume, and she was sort of shy, I guess. Then I read the comics and her hair's all puffed up, she's wearing skimpy clothes, her eyes are completely green, and her personality's completely different from the cartoon. I get that the animated series was a reimagining, but I can't help preferring Starfire from the cartoon. Anyone with me?

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@babywix said:
"I get that the animated series was a reimagining, but I can't help preferring Starfire from the cartoon. Anyone with me? "
I know exactly what you mean.  The cute innocence is more interesting than yet another sex-kitten with over-endowed t&a.  However, I'm not her target audience :p
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Well, when introduced in Wolfman and Perez's NTT, Starfire was an interesting mix of this sexy alien warrior with a very emotionally vulnerable side. She wore her heart on sleeve (if she had sleeves) and was passionate in both love and war. As the years have passed and writers portray her as more mature and grounded, we get left with a character without much of a defined personality and her physical charms as her notable feature. The Teen Titans show brought back a part of early Starfire (albeit somewhat altered for the format and target audience) that has been lacking lately in the comics. 

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@babywix: I just don't like the Teen Titans shows. It emulates one of my least favorite aspects of anime. The chibi-ish versions of all the characters are a turn off for me.
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I doubt modern television viewers would go for the glam-rock look.  I personally love it, but I recognize that it wouldn't be either trendy or appropriate for much of the show's target audience.  Though I do wonder why she wasn't a little more voluptuous in the cartoon, considering Raven got to keep most of her notable curves from the comic. 
I still see one aspect of her older personality that's still around--that she never exactly "belongs," being an alien.  One problem with xerox kitty's "yet another sex kitten with over-endowed t&a" comment is that while her design is definitely sexualized, her character is more like somebody innocent who tries to be friendly and heroic and comes out as seeming horny and violent, due to cultural dissonance.  I think Tamaranean personalities were probably written based upon the humanistic Greco-Roman views of the world that have come to be seen as taboo since Judeo-Christian ethics took over.  Some cultures think anything related to the flesh is evil, some revel in carnality.

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