Starfire's Love Triangle

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So in the newest issue of Starfire (Starfire 7), Starfire and Dick Grayson share a kiss in the end. I'm a big Koriand'r and Dick Grayson shipper. After that, I was excited to hear what the next issues of Starfire were going to be...until I learned what issue 9 was going to be about. So in issue 8 Dick Grayson is still there, but in issue 9 he's gone. And I'm like okay I figured he was just a guest star and that their romance still has a chance...I read the synopsis for the 9th issue. I don't know what happened, but I guess Starfire picks Sol over Dick Grayson. So yeah I'm not happy about. Also if Kori picks Sol over Dick then WHAT'S THE POINT?! I mean they did this whole thing in Batgirl where Barbara moved on with her new boyfriend instead of Dick, and now this! Are the writers telling us to move on from Dick Grayson's past love interests and to move on with someone new? What's your guys opinions on the whole situation? Should Starfire pick Sol or Grayson, and why.

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I'm a big Kory-Grayson shipper too, but let's face it : "classic" couples in comics are almost impossible to set-up nowadays, especially since N-52 and DC policy about super-heroes couple. Plus, the New Teen Titans did not exist in N-52, so grayson is no longer a team-leader or a family man like before (he's more like batman), reasons why he fits with Kory.

So, i see 2 reasons why the writer set up this in n°7, even when she knows it wont work (because of what i said and because Dick is in a lot of comics now, she can't use him in Starfire) :

- It attracts readers, who hope they will be together again

- Dick is used to show Starfire moved-on, and to clear things between them. It will allow her to build her relationship with a new love-interest, not interesting at-all, but one the writer can actually write.

Both ways, it's bad writing (like all the new Starfire comics, btw, the character is no-longer like he was in New TT, she looks really dumb), because fan won't like it (it's pretty cruel).

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Picking Sol over Dick was a safe choice for Kori.

Dick and Kori clearly had feelings for each other.

She didn't want to be hurt by him again though.

He did claim that the kiss they had was a glad to see you kiss even though it was clearly a mutual kiss between lovers

With his attitude, why would she pick him?

He gives off mix signals to her and doesn't know what he wants.

obviously, Sol didn't last long

he ended up with another woman

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