Starfire's Lingerie -Erm, Costume Redesign

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@The Velvet Rabbit said:

personally, I'll live. unfortunately, there's always going to be a fanservice chick - and it has to be someone, it might as well be Starfire. if the choice is between Kory's neverending campaign to destroy the Comics Code or turning Barbara Gordon into a brainless ditz, then I say let one-dimensional alien strippers be one-dimensional alien strippers. and as surprised as you might find this, I really don't hate Starfire - I could just care less. my problem has less to do with the decency factor and more to do with the overall appearance (because I'm a girlie-girl, and I have to nitpick on these things - because if I don't, then god willing, who will?) - I'm majoring in fashion design, and the one thing I've learned is that less fabric = less variation. any competent artist can show a woman with skin - just ask Jim Lee (and don't flog me - I love Jim Lee!) Think about it - Catwoman has one of the most iconic costumes in comic book history, and while her costume is very sexually overt, it's more due to imagination than cleavage and flashy underoos. but honestly, I learned to live with Black Canary fighting crime in a wig and fishnets, and Starfire herself has never been the picture of modesty. I think somehow, people will make due.

Alien Girls = "Womens that enjoy their feminity" (Or like the rest of people call the the Jersey Shore, Paris Hilton or the Kardashians), Dumb as Hell, Half Ass Naked = MALE FANBOY FANTASSY TO THE EXXXTREME

This is the Anthem of the Planet of all the alien girls.

The Planet Heroine is Kim Kardashian.

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I dont care, shes hot. Eye candy for comics..but really, DC is revamping her completely.. Amnesia to start it out.

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I hate that they are making the girls wear pants, it's just comics. Manga/anime has the even more skimpy things and no one complains. Sure if it's gonna be in the media like tv shows or movies that aren't r-rated then they could tone it done for the little impressionable kiddies, even though most kids rarely read comics as much as the older generation.-3-. My brother mistake Spider-Man for Batman when we play Marvel Ultimate Alliance(I almost stabbed him...).Anywho whatever she wears isn't as bad as Jason having a stiffy even though i wouldn't have noticed since i was not looking at his crotch like that.  Superheroes/Villians should be able to wear whatever they want and not be called a slut. Dc has Wonder Woman with her under wear esque atire, Power girl with her "window" of open boobage, Zattana and Black Canary have the fishnets, etc. Marvel has Emma Frost and Psylocke in their very revealing attire. They have a naked Mystique in the X-men movies. Also if anything, looking at what Star is wearing would actually make me read this comic.^3^
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@aero_gt said:
Superheroes/Villians should be able to wear whatever they want and not be called a slut.
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I do kind of agree with this. Not like anyone throws a fit when Grayson or similar characters take their short off. Also, I'm reminded of those covers Frank Cho made a while back.

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