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Since Starfire will be getting her own solo series soon, I figured it might be interesting to discuss which supervillains we'd like to see return to face Kory over the course of her new solo series. Gotta build that rogues gallery! Personally, I'd like to see...

1) Blackfire: She's Kory's oldest nemesis and a must have, maybe not right away obviously, but sooner or later she SHOULD show up as her Big Bad, and if anything from those Outlaw comics should be retconned, its the notion that Blackfire was a benevolent big sister who reluctantly sacrificed Kory to the Citadel to save their world as opposed to being the greedy, jealous tyrant we all know and love...Seriously Lobdell, what was up with that? Star has ONE arch-rival, how does one screw that up? Yes, she has other enemies of course but none of them are as personal for her as Blackfire.

2) Bolphunga the Unrelenting: Traditionally a Green Lantern foe, Bolphunga can be both a humorous AND dangerous adversary, not Big Bad material perhaps, but he'd make a good physical nemesis to face off with, kinda like Rhino or Scorpion are for Spiderman if ya catch my drift. Though to be fair, if he was more like his animated self from "Emerald Knights" he could be a little smarter than that lol. I just like the idea of Kory trying to relax at the beach one day and this big, loud space barbarian descends from the sky to pick a fight for no good reason and disrupt what had been an otherwise good day XD. He could be either a hired henchman for another villain, a bounty hunter looking to collect a price on Kory's head left by Blackfire or another baddie, OR, just his usual M.O. of looking to prove he's the best by defeating a powerful opponent, in this case Kory.

3) The Chrysalis Eater: Yeah, I know, she's from the TV show not the comics, but I like the concept of this beautiful mysterious alien gal who transforms into a horrific clawed monster once she lures her victims into a false sense of security, lots of spooky possibilities. Just change the monster's M.O. to wrapping her prey up in cocoons before eating them so the Chrysalis Eater name will still fit, as opposed to being a creature that hunts down Tamaraneans who undergo a specific form of puberty XD

4) Vega aliens: Psions, Citadelians, Branx Warriors, the works, bring em all back >8D

5) Kanjar Ro: A foe of the Justice League and Adam Strange, Kanjar Ro is an evil alien tyrant with access to advanced tech and who rules over his own planet, I'm sure the writers could think up an excuse for Starfire and Ro to cross paths, so Kory can kick his ass XD

6) Despero: Maybe not his fully powered self obviously, the team breaker, but his power level has fluctuated from incarnation to incarnation, like in the Justice League cartoon where GL John Stewart could go one on one with him if I recall correctly. I admit this one's more of a long shot & might work better if she was working with the Titans again however (since it normally requires LOTS of heroes working together to defeat this bruiser when he's at the peak of his game), just trying to think outside the box for baddies who'd be interesting to see interacting with Starfire. Plus, given Despero's penchant for tyranny and enslaving people, Kory would just HATE this bastard lol.

What you guys think of my list? Who'd you like to see recruited into or return as part of Starfire's rogues gallery for her new comic?

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