Should Starfire be a villain?

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Let me qualify this by making clear that I'm a Marvel guy and I don't know much of the history of Starfire. Of course, now that history is pretty irrelevant, which is why the question came to me in the first place. I ask for reasons related to her character and the absurd fan reaction to her.

First, if she really is in the reboot what she appears to be: Somewhat of a morally ambiguous sexual hedonist who struggles with feelings of detachment and solitude. From a writing standpoint, what is it that makes her a hero? I understand before when she was supposedly in love with J. Todd (or whoever it was), but now she clearly has a different agenda. What is it that is holding her to the 'good' side?

Aside from the way she is written, there is the fact that those who hate the character are so vocal in their distain. It is clear to me that she must move units, otherwise she would have been redesigned. So for all of the 'Slutfire' haters out there, there seem to be plenty of guys (and gals) who love the look and the character. I would guess that much like Juggernaut fans, Starfire fans wouldn't care if she embraced the darkside. In fact, I would take it a step further and say that it might make her a more interesting character if she didn't have to play by the rules that are supposed to govern heroine behavior.

In a lot of ways Starfire and Voodoo remind me of '90s Bad Girl characters. They are not quite as over-the-top, hyper-sexualized, but they do seem to be out of place among the likes of Supergirl and WW. Perhaps it would be more fitting for her to take a 'heel turn'. She can still get her own time (the more popular baddies have shown they can carry a mini-series), she can give the haters a reason to not like her, and she can finally be free of the burdens of Robyn/Nightwing/Batman's shadow and the standards of female herodom.

Better badder?
Better badder?

So... I think Starfire should be a villain. Agree or disagree?

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@JBBuc: Um it was just stated on CBR that starfire's memory is still most likely intact and her talking with roy when he was asking questions about her teammates was her simply blowing him off because she didn't want to talk about it.(thats how the writer's comments came off to me)

Also said some of what Jason told Roy was jason being sarcastic(that the writer didn't specify which comment was sarcastic)

So starfire probably isn't as detached as the first issue led you to believe(said to be revealed in next few issues)

BUT I think Starfire would be a cool villain since she is a powerhouse and if she remained how she is in issue one it would make total sense. Though she is quite fun as a hero

Costume-wise um it doesn't come together well, change the top of her boots(the triangular look doesn't make sense with the look unless you put them on the sides of her thighs not the front) and connect the neck piece to the bra at least cover that part of her back so it makes sense(her hair covers her upper back most of the time anyway) Then i can deal with her look because its skimpy but makes sense with its construction lol

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Disagree, she's always been a hero in some form.

And isn't that why we have Blackfire?

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she should be forgotten

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@The_Tree: I agree, Starfire has ALWAYS been a superhero, I can handle her becoming an anti-hero, but NOT a supervillain, that would be like Supergirl or Wonderwoman suddenly becoming supervillains. She comes from a warrior culture originally so I can understand her being harsher on the bad guys than most of the Justice League crowd, but I could never accept her as a villain.

Blackfire is the evil sister, not Starfire, and to be honest, I'd like to see more of her and Kori duking it out on a regular basis.

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@Sinestro2828: I don't think of Blackfire was that significant of a character, to be honest. I know that she has always been good, but does that alone mean that she can't turn over the course of a story arc? And now would be a great time to do it. (Reboot and all)

@EnSabahNurX: I don't get this. Half of the DC characters underwent significant changes, yet they retain their memories of the past? So how did Superman forget how some of his abilities work? Why is Supergirl arriving on Earth for the first time? I know you don't know that answer to these, IJS. This is the stuff that makes me not like DC. lol

Oh, and I'm going to avoid conversations about the costume right now. Don't want to get off topic.

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I am all for keeping her as a hero

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@JBBuc: Sorry, but Starfire wouldn't make a good villain, Blackfire suits the role of the evil Tamaranean perfectly, Star's been a hero too long for a change that drastic. It be like Superboy, Wondergirl, Nightwing, Beast Boy, Cyborg, or any of the other Titans suddenly becoming super villains after having been heroes their whole careers, just doesn't work.

Starfire also doesn't look like the villainous type, she's a heroine (more hardcore now since she's working with the Outlaws, but she's not gonna be scheming to conquer the world or anything like that, Titan fans are upset enough with the changes brought on by the reboot as it is)

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Blackfire needs more development. she should more technolgy based villain her origin has not gone in depth. they have have plenty of chance to make her better character how about her being friends with Mala (superman the animated series). perhaps she should get a nickname so not to be cofused with the amazon Mala. Starfire has no motivation to be a villain other than a political problem at home. I got an idea if Tameranian was need of supply or home she would be forced to be a tyrant to another planet.

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No. No way.

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Just for the fact people would be shocked, i would say yes.

I think she could became the main villain of the Outlaws, that or Jason turn back and betrays his own team.

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i would like to see it in an alternate world or something

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@DEGRAAF: a Tameran three just like earth three. I think that would be the excuse us to fix that mess in the new 52

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@Hazlenaut: lol yea. They might as well do it in Earth-2. It would work just as well there.

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Villain no, Outlaw hell yeah.


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