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Who thinks kom should be on a team with her for a while? I personally think it would be good for both of them given what they've been through . Also any info on if kom can actually fly?

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@malachi_munroe: If you're talking about pre 52 they kinda were in R.E.B.E.L.S. But if you're talking about 52 in Red Hood and the Outlaws they could team up, but Komand'r is leading Tamaran while Starfire is with her "team". So I can't say if they can team up. In my personal opinion I don't think they should team up. Not only because of the past, but because she's not really needed. With the whole rewrite of Blackfire as the "I've always loved you Koriand'r" is weird. If she truly cared about her wouldn't she have done something to bring her sister back? Also I'm not sure if Komand'r can fly because they never really talked about her. Hell I don't even know if she even has star bolts because I'm not sure if she was experimented on like Kory was. I mean didn't they get their powers when they were both captured from the Psyions for experimentation? I know Starfire was captured by the Gordanians in the reboot, but what about the Psyions?

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@teerack: They mean Komand'r. Blackfire a.k.a. Starfire's sister

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@becauseisaidso: Ooooh! Yeah I really loved Blackfire. I think Starfire could hold her own book and I think if Blackfire was in it a lot it would be great.

The only character I really want to see join the outlaws is Supergirl since there has been a flirty relationship between Jason and Kara since they met in Superman/Batman annual and then again this month in the newest issue of Supergirl. I think the New 52 version of Supergirl actually would get a long with Kori really well and is also in a similar situation since she is also the only one of her kind on the planet, and is a lot more powerful then pretty much everyone she encounters.

I also just think the dynamic could be really cool with Jason and Roy being best friends and having no powers, and then they were in a team with two girls who are best friends who are so powerful they could killed them with one hand.

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@becauseisaidso: Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the decision to make Blackfire good & "always loved her sister" either...It defeats the whole purpose of her character & deprives Starfire of her greatest nemesis, just makes no sense. What makes it even worse, is that they gave her a decent redesign that made her look pretty damn evil, only she's not, again, wasted potential >_<

I don't believe they even mention whatever became of their parents & brother in the New 52 either as far as I know.

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@sinestro2828: Hey Sinrstro2828 long time no see. Yeah I don't like this whole reboot so I stopped reading everything. I mean that whole storyline with Starfire meeting up with Blackfire again didn't make any sense and was pointless. DC Comics is basically destroying my favorite and along with others like Dick Grayson no longer Nightwing, Barbara Gorden no longer Oracle, etc. Also with them not mentioning about the rest of her family I don't think we'll ever find out because she doesn't trust her race anymore or something I don't know it's just terrible.

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I don't want Starfire and Blackfire to be on a team together. I have been absolutely disappointed with the DCnU version of Blackfire. I likeed her so much more when she was the unforgiving and hateful warrior Queen of Tamaran. Having her and Starfire be on good terms with one another has really ruined the character for me.

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I hope that DC returns her to her more evil and tyrannical origins sooner rather than later. I think she makes for a compelling cosmic villain who can compete on equal footing with the likes of other cosmic villains like Despero, Mongul, and Sinestro.

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