Is there ANYONE out there that doesn't like Starfire?

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Look don't get me wrong. She's okayish. But I'm sooooo tired of people going on and on how she's so awesome. And everyone loves her. Look she ain't that great. And I'm tired of those who think she's meant to be with Dick Grayson. Truthfully she sounds so much like a Mary Sue when people do that. And she is kinda and if not, she's got a few plotholes in her story. Every story has her sighing over Dick Grayson. And during her marriages its always "Oh I don't love them! I love Dick, but I must do this because I'm a Princess!". Well here's her first loophole. I remember in one of her marriages it was to that general. What was his name... uhhh Phy'zzon? Right thats it? She SAID she did love him. I know she did. And another time on a website its teen titans tower? I gotta find the site again. She DID fall in love with him. 
But the moment that poor guy dies, she takes it back and says she married him out of DUTY?! I mean come on either the writers are Dick-Kory obsessed. Or Kory's an idiot. And then afterwards Raven said she was pregnant with HIS child. But then suddenly there was no baby. No pregnancy nadda. Meaning A) she had a miscarriage B) the writers made another error C) they didn't wanna bother with it or D) abortion:P. Either way there goes another obstacle for the Dick-Kory love obsession for them. And I really can't stand how people go saying she's a beauty to everyone.  And that every guy is attracted to her. Oooh big shock there. Yeah right Emma Frost would be too if she wore less than Starfire. Starfire makes Emma Frost look conservative and we all know how the women dressed in the Hellfire club. 
And again Starfire's endless obession with Dick Greyson. She's never ONCE tried to date anyone but him. At least Barbara Gordon didn't let her world crumble over rejection. Kory slept with one guy Adam Blake right. But all the while always wanting  "Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick!" Aughh. She even once went out into space because it was "too painful to be on the same planet as him". Boo-freakin' whooo. Come on GET a LIFE. Even her superpowers, the only thing she's lacking is telepathy and telekinesis. Come on, please someone admit she's Mary-Suish at times. And all the Teen Titan issues revolve around their relationship, they're "made to be together". God someone shoot me:P.  Even their love baby Nightstar(true she's AU). Oh look she falls for the son of Batman... what a shocker -_-;;;.
Note: I'm asking for those who don't like Starfire. If you do like starfire. Please no hate-spam. I respect you like. Sooo... just you know. No hurtful spam because I don't like her^^;.

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stupid alien tease

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Why I Hate Starfire. 
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