How Does Starfire Know Dick Grayson and Roy Harper?

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Let me start this off by saying I'm not talking about before the New 52, I'm only talking about the New 52 storyline. So we know that Starfire and Dick Grayson had their relationship before the New 52, but since they never met in Teen Titans how did they meet? Remember Dan Didio has mentioned that the George Perez/Marv Wolfman storyline of Teen Titans was wiped out. That said how did Starfire meet Dick when they all were never in Teen Titans? How does Roy know Starfire when there was no Teen Titans? When exactly did Starfire come to earth and how long has she actually been on earth? (The reason why I'm asking this question is because there was an issue where there was this Tamaranean hunter hunting Starfire. He didn't know of her existence till that photo was posted. You'd think she would be more recognized for being out of this world.) Did Starfire and Dick Grayson even had a romantic relationship or was it one-sided on Starfire's side? If Starfire does know Dick Grayson does Dick Grayson remember Starfire? Why doesn't Dick Grayson talk about Starfire at all? With the reboot, what is Starfire and Dick Grayson's relationship toward each other? With this all said, should Starfire even know Dick Grayson and Roy Harper? Without the Teen Titans, did anything from the past exist?

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Dick Grayson, Roy Harper and Starfire were still on a team together, it just wasn't called the Teen Titans. Roy's tenure on the team did not last long as Lobdell's early issues make clear that he's only just starting to get to know Starfire. It ended just before Jason died so Starfire has been on Earth for about three years. That's about all we know.

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@denam_pavel: Thanks for the info :). Still an awful comic with no continuity.

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