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Starfire To the Rescue (Starfire #2 Review!!)

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Okay so basically, there's a hurricane that's about to do some serious destruction and Starfire and Sheriff Gomez are trying to save as much people as they can. Sheriff Gomez's brother Sol will be trying to rescue a couple stranded on their boat in the middle of the hurricane. Do you think Starfire can save her? Of course she can. She's Starfire.

Just like the last issue, this comic will want to make you read more because of Starfire's out of this world humor (gettit?). Also, there's thing big red thingy (or monster if you'd like to call it that way) who seem to want Starfire's skull to his master. The question is, who is his master? What does his master want with her? Seems like you're either gonna wait for the review of Starfire #3 coming out next weekend or read the comic yourself.

Cheers bros!


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