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Starfire #1

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Title: Starfire #1

Rating: T

Review by: Rocketraccoonthingy

In this brand new Starfire series, we'll be looking at how Starfire fits in with us here on Earth. She seeks help with the town's sheriff who kindly helped her with everything she needed.

I instantly liked it because of the art and the dialogues. Good thing they didn't forget Starfire's funny non-human humour because, it's one of the most important elements on this comic. WIthout it, this comic would have been pretty boring. Right peeps?

I honestly haven't seen Starfire look this good before and again, I really liked their work on her. She looked so damn good dude started fighting over her (see scan).

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One of my most favorite moments in this comic was when Starfire started crying about the sheriff's grandmother's death. You can really feel how much of a good person (or alien) Starfire is. It would be pretty cool if she was real eh?

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Verdict: As far as I can say, this comic won't waster your time or money. I enjoyed reading this comic and I would absolutely hate it to miss reading the issues after this one. So if you see it in your shop, grab it before anyone else does! :-D

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