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    The hero named Stardust was born on the distant planet Rur, Dr. Mara was viewed as the world’s top scientific mind. Seeking help for her people from the Kronian war Stardust joined both the Sentinels of Justice and FemForce to fight for the defense of Earth.

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    Across our known universe a destructive war was rampaging the planet Rur, which was attacked by the Kronon Empire. The world's leading scientific mind was Dr. Mara, whom the leading council of the planet Rur choose to travel to the planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy to seek the assistance of the mighty Captain Paragon. The council believed that the experience that Paragon had with the Kronian forces and his awesome powers would ward off their advancing armies which were gaining ground in their defeat. With hope that  Paragon would turn the tide of the war Dr. Mara quickly left on a spacecraft and departed to Earth.
    Upon her arrival to Earth, Dr.Mara discovered that Paragon had been in stasis for sometime. However, she started reviving him using advanced Rurian technology. Her hopes were crushed once she found out that, for personal reasons of his own, Paragon turned down the position to become champion to Rur's cause. Believing her mission to Earth a failure, she turned her analytical mind to develop a way to salvage a possible new champion. Reviewing the advanced machinery she had used to revive Paragon, she found that the system's batteries had stored a large backlash of Paragon’s amazing stellar power.
    With little other options left to her,  Dr.Mara chooses to subject herself to the energy supplies in the hope that she would gain a measure of his abilities and serve in Paragon’s place as a warrior in defense of her beloved planet Rur. The stellar energies traveled from the machinery into every cell of her body, charging her and transforming her body. She was reborn a superhuman. Suiting up in a Rurian radiation suit to prevent her energies from affecting those around her, she renamed herself Stardust and took off to find Paragon once more. After some demonstration of her new powers and with a more detailed explanation of her plight, she managed to convince him to help her people's war against the Kronians. Soon traveling back they both defeated the Kronians and the Rurian War was won, all in part to the bravery and sharp maneuvering of Stardust.
    Stardust decided to return to planet Earth after defeating the Kronons to study its civilization. The humans' diverse cultures had fascinated her during her first visit. Stardust would soon be at Paragon’s side as his protege and would begin to learn to adapt to her new home. Soon after her arrival she and Paragon were both faced with the oncoming threat of the human turncoat Chromo and the reptilian Vardax invasion. Being notified by another alien faring from the planet Altrann, Commando D and his young friend Denny Brant, the mistress of magic Nightveil, and the smart mouthed Scarlet Scorpion also joined the fight against the invading forces of the alien shape-shifters called the Vardax. The five heroes united their collective might and fought together to repel the invaders plans to infiltrate many government agencies and take over Earth.  Stardust and the other heroes soon defeated Chromo and the Vardax and decided to form a watch group of heroes, the Sentinels of Justice were born. The team next faced the mystery of Paragon’s true origin but the heroes, while remaining friends, largely stopped working as a team when both Stardust and Nightveil were asked to join the United States of America's government sanctioned Femforce.

    Powers and Abilities

     Powers of a star
     Powers of a star

    The amazing scientific mind of Dr.Mara allowed her to construct the Stellar Erg Implementer, a device which allows her to harness great amounts of stellar radiation, the energy produced by stars themselves. This ability to become a living stellar energy battery allows her to continuously recharge her powers, which have mutated her physiology  to a superhuman level.
    She can fire blasts of  concentrated starlight from her hands, using it for various attacks from concussive force, blazing heat,  to radiant strobes of light. She can channel her energy and propel herself in the sky or in space, capable of flying at the speed of light and so doing leaves a trail of scintillating stars in her wake. She has a great degree of superhuman strength and has gone toe to toe in physical combat with Captain Paragon, and her lifting and pressing ability is also sustainable for long durations of time. She is also able to survive the vacuum of space with no additional aid, requiring no oxygen and protected by the ill affects of radiation by her powers.

    Due to extensive training in the fields of science on her world of Rur, Dr.Mara is able to understand fields from bioengineering to computer engineering. She is always thinking about the analytical ways to solve a problem and would much rather spend time in the lab inventing ways to advance scientific study. 


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