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T`urin Gar was originally an expelled  energy being that was part of an extra-dimensional collective known as "The Body". They  placed Starstuff Bonds on him to ensure his energy absorbtion was limited .Landing on Earth he searched for energy an found that the race called Dire Wraiths gave him more than Humans did.(Earlier he had absorbed several children) .He encountered   Rom the Spaceknight who defeated him ,got the children`s energy back to them and sent Stardust back into space. 


Stardust was created by Bill Mantlo and Pat Broderick in 1982 and first appeared in ROM Annual # 1.  

Story Arcs

Journey Into Mystery

The Stranger captured Stardust and became one of the Stranger`s Prisoners imprisoned  on Labworld .He was released by the Overmind and attacked Quasar (who had travelled to the Stranger`s Labworld for his own purpose )who like Rom could release him from the starstuff bonds.Quasar won the battle but Stardust `s fate is still unknown .


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