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Starlight is one of two women that Starfinger II summoned from his ring. The other is Starbright.Paul Levitz, Greg LaRocque and first appeared in the pages of Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 3 #41(December, 1987).

Pre-Zero Hour

Starfinger II

The criminal Starfinger would come upon an item of power while fleeing across the Martian planet's surface. Discovering the mysterious and powerful ring which was capable of generating two separately super-powered women. Introducing themselves as Starbright and Starlight they explained that they originated from a micro world contained within the ring itself.

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Starfinger returns to the helm of his criminal organization and frustrated by the Legion of Superheroes getting closer and closer to his operations. The Legion disperses teams across the galaxy looking for Starfinger. Eventually the team is able to follow clues which lead them to a satellite orbiting a star upon which Starfinger maintains his base of operations. He threatens his Arranger with death if the Legion is not taken care of. However the Legion makes a surprised assault on the meeting. Starfinger and his super-powered lackeys, Starlight and Starbright, attempt to fight back. Sensor Girl feels that Starfinger is going to destroy his own space station in order to kill the Legion. She orders them away just in time. After the explosion, the Legion is not sure what happened, or even if Starfinger is alive or dead.

In the debris of Starfinger's destroyed headquarters, we see his ring. In the ring Starbright and her pair Starlight escape along with Starfinger and his whole organization, transporting themselves within the ring remaining is hidden.

Starfinger III

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Sometime later Starbright and Starlight would reappear and this time in the service of Molock Hanscom who is the former leader of the Cosmic Spy League. Molock has decided to take the mantle of Starfinger III and arranges the assassination of Char Burrane. Using intermediaries like his brother, he sends bounty hunters to kill him and capture the ring. Now in control of both Starbright and Starlight after successfully acquiring the ring.

Shrinking Violet sends the Legion to Starfinger's stronghold in the Darzyl system. She does this to protect Starfinger III and the team is there and ready again to fight the Khunds, having learned that the Khunds are hoping to eliminate Starfinger III. With Starfinger out of the way, the Khunds would be able to easily take over the sector both in a military and an economic fashion. Molock attempts to survive the attack by calling on Starlight and Starbright but their abilities are no match for the Khunds assault. Molock is shot to death and the pair dissapear within the ring again.

Neither Starbright or Starlight have been seen since this last encounter and it's unclear if the new post-Zero Hour continuity will bring them back.


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: White

Skin: Green (Blue in different panels)

Powers and Abilities

Starbright has various abilities involving energy wielding. She can project destructive concussive from her hands which discharge vast amounts of energies. She is also able to fly by her own means of propulsion, how fast and to what heights have not been reveled.


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