Starbrand 1,000,000 BC

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    A caveman who was the second Starbrand and member of Firehair's Avengers.

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    Vnn was a caveman of unusual intellect. He ran from his tribe afraid they may judge him for it. He struggled to survive on his own until he was taken in by Brrkk, a survivalist with a similar abnormal intellect to Vnn. The two would eventually become lovers and work together to defend themselves and their new home, The Garden. The Garden had magical properties thanks to the corpse of the original Star Brand, a T-Rex who was at ground zero for the first White Event (the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs). Vnn believed the Star Brand wanted Brrkk, but when Brrkk died unexpectedly, it latched on to Vnn's anger, turning him into the next Starbrand


    Vnn first appeared in Marvel Legacy #1 as a member of the Avengers 1,000,000 BC, a major player in Jason Aaron's Avengers plans with Marvel's oldest heroic mantles.

    Major Story Arcs

    Avengers 1,000,000 BC

    Starbrand was approached by Firehair for her team of champions to defend the mortals of Earth against a Celestial, named Zgreb, who was simply looking for a Celestial that landed on Earth before any of these Avengers were even born.

    He would stay with the team for many battles including ones against: the first Moon Knight, a young Thanos, and an army combined of Frost Giants and Negative Zone insects. They would disband after Black Panther's death at the hands of the Frost Giants, only to reunite when the son of Odin, Thor, was being born.


    After his team broke up, Vnn headed for the Moon where he could smash all by his lonesome without hurting anyone or destroying anything. Agamotto approached him with an offer to relieve him of the memories that anger him, however, Vnn had no intention of forgetting about Brrk and his death. He just wanted to share that pain with those that deserve it. Thus, he agrees to join Agamotto as he reunited their old team after a nasty confrontation with Mephisto.

    Vnn in a ball
    Vnn in a ball

    Mephisto teleports them to the modern day Avengers, who had been travelling through time to stop Mephisto's attempts to wipe out the heroic legacy powers. Agamotto intended for them to become allies, but when he is attacked by an unseen force, his team blames The Avengers and start brawling. As the dust settles, Doom Supreme of the mutliversal Masters of Evil reveals himself to Agamotto, who appears to be the last Avenger standing. However, after he plucks Agamotto's eyes out, he is attacked by Vnn, who is still conscious. Unfortunately, Vnn is no match for Doom Supreme and is smashed into a ball.


    Mutant Intellect: Vnn seemingly had an intelligence that was relatively larger than most of his species.

    • Communication: However, after bonding with the Star Brand, he seemed to lose the ability to properly communicate. Firehair and Fan Fei are seemingly able to understand him.

    Cosmic Power: Vnn has all the abilities the usual come with the Star Brand, although the top limits of that power has yet to be shown. He can fly at, at least, near light speed, emit destructive cosmic energy, and capable of superhuman strength and durability.

    • Appearance: The Star Brand glows on his bare chest, as does a few other tribal markings on his body. When in a fight, he glows with overflowing energy. The Star Brand has also increased his size and mass exponentially.

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