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    Benjamin Warner was just a regular guy who wanted to become a published novelist. Initially thinking his work and ideas were science fiction he later found they were the result of imprinted and manipulated memories. Ben was no longer just an average novelist, but one of the greatest heroes of the galaxy. Ben Warner was Starborn!

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    Locked and Loaded
    Locked and Loaded

    Benjamin Warner was an average novelist hoping that his novel would be published. While he was just an average guy, his novel wasn't average. As a kid, Ben was adopted at a very young age and had no recollection of his biological parents. Ben's adopted parents didn't even know where or who his biological parents were. So growing up with that thought, he figured out that he was the sole survivor of a doomed world somewhere in a galaxy far, far, away. Thinking that he had superpowers, Ben constantly tried to activate his powers, but to his knowledge all he gained was broken bones. Finally having enough with his craziness, his parents wanted him to visit a Psychologist to talk out his child-like delusions. While his thoughts of having powers were suppressed, ideals replaced having powers and being an alien.

    With being a kid who thought having powers and being an alien was cool, he only had one friend. Tara Takamoto was his only friend from 8-years-old all the way through college. After college, Tara left Ben and he decided to create a novel about all the aliens and conflicts he had thought up. With having his first novel completed and ready to send to a publisher, Ben started to create a second novel which was still in the works. After his novel was rejected, Ben decided his life was nothing but being in a dead end job and having a minimum pay. However, when he met Tara years after college, his life changed dramatically. Tara was found to be an alien from a different world, and Ben was also from that world! Ben is not only an alien, but also the last standing heir to his father's kingdom. Ben is struggling with being an alien and trying to survive his father's powerful nemesis.

    Character Evolution

    Benjamin Walter

    Benjamin through the first 4 issues is nothing more than an amazed human writer who is figuring out everything he once wrote is actually real with a very different point of view. He is completely unaware of his destiny and doesn't understand why he's being followed and why people wants him dead. During this phase he knows General Talon, gets the Hand of Glory (called the Fist of Wrath at that time) and his oversuit.

    Benjamin's Skepticism

    After landing in a planet were people of The Pride had humans enslaved to hard work, he attempts to save an old lady and a ill child from getting wiped and coming to realize the child and the woman were actually more afraid of him and the Fist of Wrath than they were of the Beastman.

    Benjamin finds out The Claw is a Dictator's Symbol
    Benjamin finds out The Claw is a Dictator's Symbol

    This started generating questions and started acting very skeptic about everything revolving his persona and how people saw him, he also questioned Tara's true intentions and asked her if they were the good guys or the bad guys to later find out his father was a Galatic Dictator, some kind of Space Hitler...This provoked Benjamin to go find answers while making sure his "friends" were actually loyal to him and not The Empire.

    Major Story Arcs

    The first 12 issues revolve around the discovery of Bin Yaamin, his past, his destiny and his decisions to make while at the same time being followed by 4 different races of aliens which want him dead. Along the issues Bin Yaamin, whose Earthly name is Benjamin, literally lives his novel with a very different plot twist.

    Benjamin is saved by Tara Takamoto before he's almost captured by The Hive, a race of telepathic aliens that were once humans but were turned into alien beings after being infected by moon dust of Selene. After that Tara briefly explains the situation and gives him his oversuit while trying to escape the alien forces known as "The Civilization" which Bin Yaamin was unaware of its intentions and why he was being wanted dead by them.

    Banjamin later discovers his novels that were apparently inspired by Kirk Allen's (Cur Kalen) novel which was pretty much the same story but visualized in a very different manner, actually were memories imprinted by "The Empire" that were supposed to activate themselves after certain age but were wrongly implanted in his brain due to the procedure happening during the insurgents invasion in the palace. Following this point, Benjamin questions the true intentions of Tara and General Talon as he figured out his father was a Space Hitler and not a good person and that his memories or stories were actually manipulated to make him think The Empire was good instead of the reality of the situation. He decides to go and find Kirk Allen on Earth to see what's going on and which one is the truth behind his past and destiny.

    After getting in contact with Kirk and understanding what happened, the Earth is invaded by "The Civilization" after they discovered the Earth was full of Humans in exile and to prevent any other Empire to come afloat they decided to kill all humans and destroy the Earth. The Earth is defended by Kirk, Bin Yaamin, General Talon, Tara, Soldier Zero and The Traveller and with the exclusion of Soldier Zero and The Traveler, the defenders of the Earth followed Bin Yaamin's plans which consisted in linking all the minds of the aliens and earthlings together and make them see the truth behind the ancient hate which concluded with the invasion and Bin's bad reputation.

    Powers and Abilities

    Innate Abilities

    Bin Yaamin possesses the transcendent leadership and willpower of the first Hero of the solar system Bin as being a direct descendant of his bloodline giving him extreme potential over the Hand of Glory, a weapon used fight the Swarm and unite the alien civilizations together forming the "Civilization", a group of the Solar System's greatest minds allied to fight any future threat as a single entity between The Pride, Witches of Arbor, The Hive, The Network and Humans.

    Humans, Witches of Arbor and The Pride
    Humans, Witches of Arbor and The Pride

    This pact wasn't broken until several years after Bin's death and his descendants decided to enslave the minority represented by the alien species and create "The Empire", nothing more than a futuristic neo-nazi representation where nothing that isn't human worths to be treated with respect, much less equal to humans.


    Protective Carcass: The exoskeleton oversuit grants the wearer protection against most types of attacks to the point of completely shrugging off hits by ray guns and a decent amount of blunt force.

    Super-Strength: The suit amps the wearers strength beyond super human levels up to the point of 5 tons.

    Super-Reflexes: The suit enables the wearer to react beyond human potential.

    Super-Jumps: The suit enables the wearer to perform hyper-olympic jumps.

    Super-Flight: The suit gives the wearer the ability to fly at highly hypersonic speed capable of leaving planets into decently deep outer space within moments.

    Anti-EMP: The suit is EMP-proof.

    Inertia Forcefield: The suit can generate a field of inertia to stop movement completely when falling, making a safe landing, although, it sucks the suit out of energy really quick.

    Hand of Glory

    No Caption Provided

    The Hand of Glory is a powerful gauntlet created by the Solar System's greatest minds whose powers and potential are yet unknown to its creators and users. Its potential is determined by the users mind and only limited to the users imagination. The purer the thought, the more powerful the performance. The limitations of this tool is that it can only be used by Bin's bloodline descendants. So far the Hand of Glory is capable of:

    E.M.P.s: The Hand of Glory can generate very powerful EMPs that extend up to 1000 meters and more.

    Energy Manipulation: The suit can manipulate all types of energy, drain and create constructs with said energy.

    Energy Shields: The Hand of Glory can generate powerful shields capable of withstanding whole fleets of alien attacks.

    Power Blasts: The Hand of Glory can generate power blasts both directed and omnidirectional.

    Telepathy: The Hand of Glory can absorb mental wavelengths as energy and use it to create planet scaled telepathic links with all intelligent living beings around.


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