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    Star is a superhero from Chicago, Illinois.

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    This page is for Chris Robinson who was Star the longest. Other people who have worn the costume are Peter Klaptin and William Jonson.


    Chris and Charles Robinson grew up in Chicago. They got mixed up with a gang that had ties to Vicious Circle. Chris manged to get out of that live and joined marines, but his brother was hooked on drugs and got pulled further in.


    Star created by Erik Larsen.

    Major Story Arcs

    Image Universe

    Chris Robinson (Star II)
    Chris Robinson (Star II)

    After Peter Klaptin failed to be the hero he wanted, he sulked on the streets where he was attacked by a gang. Chris saw it and went to the rescue, and single-handedly beat all the thugs. Peter then offered a job as his bodyguard and also as the hero Star. Chris agreed and became the Star. One time Vicious Circle wanted to find out who Star was and since Peter Klaptin always disappeared when Star showed up they kidnapped him and tortured him for a confession. Chris showed up and saved Peter, but was fired for it, because he revealed to the world that Peter is not the Star.

    Chris needed a new job and he joined the Chicago police Department, he also continued to be the hero Star. Savage Dragon found out his secret and suggested he drop one of those lives, he is either hero or a police officer. Chris decided to hang up his costume to be with Alex Wilde.

    Bludgeon loses his powers
    Bludgeon loses his powers

    After Chris and Alex split up, Chis left the police and took up his Star persona once again. This time he joined a government sponsored superhero team Special Operations Strikeforce. Darklord sent Bludgeon, Chris' brother, to fight with Zeek, but in the struggle Bludgeon was thrown into a mountain and Chris was killed by a falling rubble. Star was unmasked and Bludgeon learned that he was responsible for his brother's death. Bludgeon decided to remove his powers with the help of Negate.

    Savage World Universe

    Chris Robinson (Star II)
    Chris Robinson (Star II)

    In this world everything happened like in Image universe up until the breakout at Stronghold Penitentiary where Star's was injured and taken to hospital where parts of his costume was taken off. Peter was angry that his pretense was over and fired Chris. peter donned Star costume himself, but was soon killed by possessed Dragon.Chris lived an ordinary life and even got married. Alex Wilde tracked him down in hopes to reunite with her former lover, but Chris had never even met her in this reality.

    When Mister Glum’s took over the world, Chris' wife died due to heart condition, and his children were killed by a mine foreman, since they couldn't keep up the workload. Chris decided to take up the Star costume once again. but it was a temporary thing. He started dating Alex Wilde and they eventually moved away from Chicago after Glum was defeated.

    Powers & Abilities

    Unarmed Combat

    Star is an expert hand-to-hand combatant. He is extremely agile and skilled in acrobatics.


    He uses various gadgets, including star-shaped shrunken fired from his gauntlet.


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