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Before Star

Ripley Ryan is a writer for Ms. Magazine, hired by Tony Stark to do a human interest piece on Carol Danvers. During her and Carol's initial meeting they were attacked by Mahkizmo, now calling himself Nuclear Man. After Carol proved stronger than he thought, Nuclear Man retreated into an invisible barrier he manifested over Roosevelt Island and took Ripley as his captive. Carol raced after them into the post-apocalypse world on the otherside to save her and all the other women who were trapped behind the barrier. Once saved, Ripley thanked Carol implying her article would be a good one. Instead, it was dramatically titled "We're All Doomed" and was picked up by the Daily Bugle.

Fallen Star

Dr. Minerva was desperate to stop the endangered Kree race from going extinct. She set up shop on Earth and tried combining Kree DNA with humans to create new super soldiers but none were a success. When she learned Carol Danvers was actually half Kree, she decided to weaken Carol so that Carol would be just as desperate and help Minerva on her quest. She released giant creatures for Carol to fight, allowing her to infect Carol with a power siphoning virus and a transmitter for that power. By placing the receiver in Ripley, she finally found a successful super soldier, except Ripley could only be powerful as Star in Carol's presence. Ripley, mad with power, used her journalism prowess to run a smear campaign against Carol. She outed her as a Kree making her vulnerable to public perception and swooped in to siphon her strength and save the day making Carol look bad.

When Minerva finally reached out to Carol, Ripley felt betrayed. She turned on Minerva, which forced Minerva to reveal everything to Carol, who made a final play against Star in Times Square. In the middle of battle, Carol ripped the transmitter from her own body, severely wounding herself and dampening Star. Star wasn't down completely though, because she had infected the rest of New York with Minerva's virus and began siphoning power from millions of civilians. In a last ditch effort, Carol lunged at Star and ripped out the receiver. Star toppled over, powerless but alive. Stark Unlimited saw to her wounds and then sent her to The Raft.

As she contemplated how she could have survived, her gaping chest wound glowed red, signaling she was now in possession of the Reality Gem, which she used to escape.

Reality Gem

Plagued by nightmares about Captain Marvel punching through her chest and her time behind the barrier, Ripley had trouble laying low after escaping The Raft. Every time she used the gem, it worked like a beacon getting the attention of a number of super people: including Loki, the Black Order, and Wanda, the Scarlet Witch. Wanda took a special interest in her. Not only were Star's reality warping abilities affecting her own, but Wanda wanted to stop Star from making the same kind of mistakes she had.

The Black Order were still trying to track down all the Infinity Stones. Black Swan caught up with Star before the rest of her team. Sick of letting the stones dictate her life, Swan made cryptic arrangements with Star, which Star uses when the rest of the team shows up to take the stone from her by any means necessary. Free of the Black Order, Captain Marvel, and the Scarlet Witch, she came to the realization that she could do whatever she wanted if she tapped into her full power.


Kree Siphon

When implanted with Minerva's Kree power siphoning implant, she was able to siphon off energy from anyone infected with Minerva's virus. This included Carol Danvers, which granted Star enhanced strength and durability, flight, and energy blasts.

Reality Gem

With the Reality Gem implanted, Star is able to manipulate reality with enough focus and willpower. This includes but is not limited to: flight, strength, manipulating other people's behavior, and materializing weapons made of red energy.

After tapping into her full potential, she was shown to teleport, shapeshift, and glow like a being made of pure energy.


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