Star Wars #4

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The Good

The saga continues. It's always fun seeing Darth Vader out in action. As he pays a visit to Jabba (again), we see how he handles official business this time. Jason Aaron presents him with the air of authority so thick, he shouldn't need to bother bringing any Stormtroopers with him. We're still in this strange transition period with the Empire and the Rebels after the Battle of Yavin. What's most fascinating is how Luke Skywalker sees things. With the jump between Episodes IV and V, we didn't get to see him gain his confidence and abilities in the Force.

Just focusing on these characters plus Han, Chewie, and Princess Leia would be enough. Aaron does introduce us to another player. Having this mysterious presence adds to the suspense in the story and gives another reason why, even though this is set during an established time period, there's still a lot we don't know about what's happened.

John Cassaday does a great job showing Luke's frustration. I really dug the detail he put in with the Rodians and loved his depiction of the character that appears at the end. His art will be missed when his arc is done.

The Bad

There was a little confusion at first about Vader's trip to Tatooine again (as seen in his solo series). I'm sure Jabba isn't the only big player in the universe. Vader having a full battalion of Stormtroopers seemed unnecessary, but probably part of protocol or something. Vader has shown he doesn't need to bring a bunch of firepower with him in order to intimidate or just get his point across.

As great as the art was, there were a couple moments when some facial expressions looked a little off. Overall, not a major problem though.

The Verdict

STAR WARS continues to tell the story of the characters we know and love. It's not just about featuring those beloved characters. We are seeing them fleshed out more, something we were unable to see with the three-year gap between Episodes IV and V. Jason Aaron continues to prove he's able to capture the voice and essence of the characters and is also bringing in other ones. John Cassaday puts in some amazing details in characters and backgrounds that almost make you forget your reading a comic and not watching the movies. This issue does give a slight breather after the intense first arc but we're clearly seeing big things set up for the upcoming issues.

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I'm gonna need to pick this series and vader sold series up sounds awesome

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@rpgesus: You really should. Both of them are excellent and well told stories. I haven't read the Princess Leia series but I have heard that its very good as well.

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I have been loving this series so far. Marvel has been doing a good job with these titles.

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This series has been stellar! Loved seeing a certain bounty hunter come knocking!!

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Love this series and Vaders solo series too

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Vader series 11/10 Star Wars series 8.9/10. The only complaint is that it lacks intensity which is bound to come to a change in the next couple of issues. Absolutely adore the additions to the Star Wars universe!

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best part of this comic was the new woman we met

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